Tyson Workers Caught Mistreating Chickens: Should animals in the United States have the same rights as humans?

  • Not in the sense of being able to drive a car, but...

    Yes, all animals should have certain rights, which are basically the same as those enjoyed by humans. The right to be treated without cruelty. The right not to be eaten by humans. The right to live life peacefully, without being tortured orused in laboratory experiments, to not have their skins used as clothing for humans or furniture, to not be kept locked in cages and put on display for the amusement of humans. The right not to be killed when some idiotic human puts themself in what they or other humans regard as a threatening situation.

  • Yes, Animals in the US Should Have the Same Rights as Humans

    Animals in the US are often mistreated. This practice is immoral, and should be stopped. Many of the animals that suffer under humans have been shown to be somewhat intelligent creatures, meaning that they can likely experience pain. In total, if you would not do it to another human, why would you do it to a defenseless animal?

  • This question is flawed.

    First, it states that Tyson was caught mistreating chickens. Then, it asks if animals should have the same rights as humans. Rights are not all-or-nothing. Just because animal abuse is wrong doesn't mean that we suddenly need to give animals social security numbers.

    Animals, as well as humans, deserve rights proportional to their needs. If a being can suffer, it deserves protection from suffering. If it can have existential worries, it deserves the right to live. Some animals deserve more rights than others. Animals without brains, such as mussels, deserve no rights at all. Elephants deserve more rights than snakes because they have a higher capacity for emotional suffering. Chickens deserve protection from unnecessary pain as well as humane deaths.

  • Animals have rights, but not the same as humans

    The mistreatment of chickens by Tyson workers is horrible and the guilty people should be punished severely. Humans are responsible for proper care of all animals. Wild and domesticated animals often depend on humans for their survival. Because the animals are so dependent on humans, they do not have the same rights or responsibilities as humans.

  • No, I do not think animals should have the same rights as humans.

    I am a supporter of animal rights, but I do not think they should have the same rights as humans. I do, however, think that businesses involved with animal welfare in any way should be highly regulated as to the treatment of the animals and believe that in doing so, the rights of animals will be given the consideration deserved.

  • No, the should not.

    Animals do not need to have the same rights as humans (such as the right to own property or the right to vote), but they should be treated humanely whenever possible. We do not know that animals do not have souls and we do know they have feelings and self awareness.

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