U.N. health officials warn that gonorrhea is becoming untreatable. Are antibiotics overused?

  • Yes, some classes of antibiotics have been overused, producing resistant strains of gonorrhea.

    Decades-long use of antibiotics for even mild infections, including urinary tract infections, has resulted in bacteria mutating to produce resistance to the drugs. Specifically, quinolones are now useless against most strains of gonorrhea, prompting U.N. Health officials to recommend using a different class of antibiotics. Due to the overuse of antibiotics and the bacterium's super ability to adapt and develop resistance to antibiotics, world health officials warn that we may soon see strains of gonorrhea that cannot be treated by any known medications.

  • Yes, antibiotics are overused.

    Doctors prescribed antibiotics for everything, whether or not the antibiotics would actually work. I think they are trying to scale back now, but it's likely a case of too little to late. It's a scary thing to hear that diseases are becoming resistant to antibiotics. People need to be more proactive in learning about things like antibiotics.

  • Yes, antibiotics are over prescribed.

    Doctors are known to prescribe antibiotics when they are not necessary. In many of these situations there are natural remedies which could cure the person of their ailment, with less side effects than overused antibiotics. Gonorrhea has been highly treatable for years, so this just goes to show how ignorant doctors really are.

  • No, antibiotics are not overused.

    No, antibiotics are not overused. They are required to keep people healthy and safe. However, if used over and over again for a long period of time, humans will develop resistances towards antibiotics. They are not overused, but we should keep developing new ones to make sure we combat the resistances.

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