U.S. nukes at a Turkey base are at risk of seizure. Should nuclear weapons be stored in a foreign country?

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  • Keeping Nukes in Foreign Country Dangerous

    In my opinion, it is far too dangerous to keep nuclear weapons on foreign soil. What if the militia in that country found a way to break in and steal them? Then we would be at risk to be blown up by our own weapons! I just can't see justifying the storage of these dangerous weapons on soil where we are at a disadvantage. The natives know the area better, and could be better prepared to attempt to steal them.

  • America's nuclear weapons should not be stored in other countries.

    Nuclear weapons have the ability to literally destroy the world and they must be stored in a way that does not subject them to seizure. Storing them on a military installation in a foreign country is not necessarily safe. Military bases can be overrun by enemies, and this danger is ever present in foreign countries.

  • Not unless we can really secure them

    I'm not sure of the tactical reasons if any for storing US nuclear weapons at a base in a volatile country. Anything outside our jurisdiction could be vulnerable to seizure and to being deployed by other countries at us or at our allies. It doesn't seem like a good idea to risk the possibility that a change in regime could result in our own weapons be stolen or used against us.

  • No, nuclear weapons shouldn't be stored in a foreign country.

    If an enemy were to get the upper hand and take hold of a region with U.S. nuclear armaments positioned in it, then they would have them. I understand that U.S. forces regularly give security and safety for the nuclear weaponry. It is still too much of a risk though.

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