• Easy availability of guns leads to shootings.

    Guns are more easily available in the United States than in any other developed nation, a reality which correlates with the country's abnormally high rate of gun violence. No other country regularly experiences mass shootings, but there's nothing to stop such violence when mentally ill people or suspected terrorists can legally amass huge arsenals of military-style weapons.

  • Yes, guns are too easily accessible.

    When one is able to purchase guns off of the Internet and at gun shows freely, combined with the recent gun violence, I believe that guns are a bit too easy to access. I think the responsibility of limiting sales to people should lie with the businesses, though, with help from the government - not purely government sanctioned.

  • Trump is target of assassination, and lax gun laws are to blame

    Donald Trump was recently threatened with assassination by a man from the United Kingdom. This man might have gotten away with it, too: our gun control laws are so lax as to be nonexistent, which means that the would-be assassin could have bought the weaponry needed to accomplish the job.

  • Yes, guns are too easily accessible in the United States.

    Yes, guns are too easily accessible in the United States because people that are on the terror watch list can purchase assault rifles very easily. In America, guns used in war zones are available to everyday civilians. Gun violence is a major problem in the United States because of its accessibility.

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