• Yes, Britain should leave the European Union

    Considering the European Union is more so an economic alliance rather than a political alliance, I think it would be beneficial for Britain to leave the European Union. First off, Britain still utilizes the British pound as its currency, so any disruption in Britain's monetary system would not occur. Secondly, Britain would have greater freedom in decision-making when it comes to immigration, trading with other nations, and its national economy if the European Union no longer had a say in the matter.

  • No, In better in Europe then out!

    Unfortunately, this referendum has been more about the personalities running it, rather than the issues at stake, so maybe the Junkers was right, the British people simply should not be trusted with democracy, and need to be told what to do and be grateful for their handouts. What a sad country this has turned into, when we reject freedom and democracy, it will just give creed to all dictator run corrupt organisations around the world.

  • No, Britain should not leave the European Union.

    Great Britain should not leave the European Union. Leaving the Euro-Zone would be costly for the British economy. The country's currency - Pound Sterling - would take a major hit; leaving many citizens with less money to spend. Also, the loss of trade with Europe would further hurt the nation's economy. The combination of these events, along with political uncertainty would lead to a less affluent British society.

  • No, Britain should not leave the European Union

    No, Britain should not leave the European Union. Great Britain is the cornerstone of the European Union. The country should remain a part of the European cooperative because it is an important part of it. If Britain leaves the European Union the EU will not be as strong and other countries may follow suit.

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