Ukraine claims a Russian invasion is possible at any minute. Do you think Russia will invade with the world watching?

  • They did it before

    Putin knows that the United States is preoccupied with an election and we're having a changing of the guard so they think they can do whatever they want. They just don't care. Putin is worse than Donald Trump. He is a sociopath on top of being a narcissist. He would eat Trump alive because he is just a narcissist. We should all be on the alert that Russia will invade Ukraine before our election takes place.

  • Yes, Russia would still invade the Ukraine under international scrutiny.

    Yes, I think Russia would invade the Ukraine again, even with the full attention of the global community. In 2014, during Russia's most recent invasion of the Ukraine, international attention from humanitarian groups like the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and Amnesty International, along with worldwide media attention, did not stop them from occupying the former Soviet state. Even economic sanctions didn't work; Russia merely responded in kind. Outside of military intervention, I don't see how Russia under its current government could be dissuaded from actions like this.

  • Yes, they sure will.

    Yes, I think that Russia will eventually attack viciously in front of the whole world. This nation as well as many others have some devastation coming to them if they do not change their ways. All this is in the biblical prophecies. Nation will rise against nation and so forth.

  • Yes, they would.

    Russia has done it before, and they might do it again. It is not without precident for one country to evade another country even as they are being watched by another. The allies of both countries may or may not come to their aid, and it many cause an even larger conflict.

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