Ukrainian MP offers more details on alleged payments to Trump campaign chief. Does this hurt Trump's chances in the election?

  • Yes, it will.

    The payments to the Trump campaign chef were illegal and not simply unethical. There is a great deal that is coming out about this story and it seems as if it is not going to be easy for Donald Trump to brush this off. He is likely to start loosing more supporters.

  • Yes, Increased ties to Russia hurts Trump's chances in the election.

    Yes, I believe that increased ties to Russia will hurts Trump's chances in the election. The more that the public believe that he is linked with Russia, and receiving monetary gain from Russia, the more people with distrust him. I also believe that it appears Trump and his staff tried to conceal his connection to Russia.

  • People who support Trump not swayed by Ukrainian controversy

    Just as supporters of Hillary Clinton are not swayed by the controversy surrounding the 2012 Benghazi attack or Clinton using an insecure emails server for what may have been sensitive information, supporters of Donald Trump are not going to change their opinion due to his campaign manager possible receiving funds from Ukraine.

  • No, his support is unwavered.

    The level of support Trump receives is illogical, as it has only slightly changed with past revelations of inconsistencies, untruths, or simply his outlandish behavior. It is unprecedented, and it is difficult to understand. Still, he has enjoyed a great deal of support despite what the media has revealed, and it is unlikely that this will waver despite any new allegations made.

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