UN decides to free Julian Assange: Should the UK and Sweden respect the UN's decision?

  • Other countries should support freeing of Assange

    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has released information that has proven harmful to the political future of some individuals, but it has not harmed the security of any country. His efforts are to ensure transparency in how some governments operate, not to harm the countries or citizens. The UN decision is correct and countries should support it.

  • Yes, the United Kingdom and Sweden should respect the UN's decision.

    Yes, the United Kingdom and Sweden should respect the UN's decision to free Julian Assange. Despite the personal, professional or national security greivances people may have with Julian Assange, once the UN makes a decision it should be honored. the UN is an international governing body, and if countried begin to ignore ther rulings and decisions, who will the world listen to?

  • Julian Assange should face charges

    Julian Assange should face charges from the U.K. and Sweden, despite the U.N. decision to free him. His Wikileaks website takes information out of context. Comments are made in what is believed to be a private setting. Many of us would not like all of our workplace ideas published, since these are not fully formed. The information is often classified, and compromises national security. Th

  • The UN doesn't get to make that decision

    I respect the United Nations, but they don't get to make decisions that interfere with the sovereignty of nations. Sweden has an interest in Assange regarding sex with a minor, and the United States has to investigate whether he was involved in the illegal theft of information. The UN should butt out of all that.

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