UN declares Trump's travel ban mean-spirited and illegal under human rights laws: Has Trump violated the law?

  • Most definitely he has.

    Donald Trump has made executive orders as casually as breaking wind and with just as much thought as it takes to pop a fart off into a crowd. Trump is not thinking of the consequences or the damages he will inflict on people because he doesn't care. Trump is the perfect scape goat for whoever is pulling his strings because when all is exposed Trump will be the sacrificial lamb for the corporations that are using him as a puppet.

  • In A Country Built on Religious Freedom

    Before the United States even existed, people fled to this land for religious freedom, and it became law when it became the United States. This includes not only Christians, but Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims. Trump cites Muslims as dangerous and terrorists, but studies show people are more likely to be killed by a shark or a toddler with a gun. To ban travelers from Muslim dominated countries, even if the person has their green card, is nothing short of just plain prejudice. And most importantly, it goes against the founding law that kids recite in school every day "freedom and justice for all."

  • Not at all

    These people... They bring their stupid religion wherever they go. They do not believe in women's rights, they believe that homosexuals should be purged from our society and a lot of them don't bat an eye at murders in the name of their religion. And just because we haven't been attacked yet doesn't mean it won't happen and even if only 3 out of every 100,000 are terrorists, those 3 could leave a lot of REAL americans dead. Besides that though, we shouldn't be helping them by letting them in and running from their problems, we should clean up what they're facing in their home land instead of letting them on our soil. There are plenty of other countries to go to. This isn't about if they're good or bad people, it's about facing the fact that the bad ones will eventually start leaking in and when that happens a lot of people will be dead.

  • No, he has not.

    President Trump's travel ban has not violated any laws. The United States champions human rights, while many UN members have not-so-nice human rights records. Trump's travel ban may have been too broad, however, it was in the interest of protecting our national security. The UN should not be involved in American affairs.

  • The constitution is for Americans.

    No, Trump hasn't violated human rights laws, because there is no law that says that every person in the world has a right to travel to or live in any other country in the world whenever they want to. Each country has a right to set their own immigration laws. Love has nothing to do with it.

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