Unlike their parents, black millennials aren't a lock for Clinton. Will this demographic vote for Clinton this year?

  • Yes, this demographic will vote for Clinton this year

    Yes, this demographic will vote for Clinton this year. A lot of millennials say that they are going to vote for a third party, but I don't think they will when the day comes to actually vote. I think when people actually see Trump's name on the ballot, they will change their minds out of fear.

  • Black millennials will go for Clinton

    Black millennials will vote for Hillary Clinton in large numbers. Although their parents vote Democratic in overwhelming numbers, this is not the case with the younger generation. Still, there is little choice. The alternative, a Trump presidency, would not align with the interests, particularly given Trump's previous racist comments, such as the "birther" movement.

  • They are young, and more likely to swing.

    I'm not going to make any claims on who's voting for who, but younger voters tend to be more open minded as statistical bodies. The are extremely important factors for this reason in my opinion, but while trump has made decisions that will definitely lead to less black voters who have racial problems with him, I don't see why they would necessarily be voting for Hillary Clinton.

  • She is sick.

    Young people want to vote for a healthy candidate. They want a candidate that projects youth and vitality. Someone who calls themselves an abuela is not that person. The youth have decided to make a different choice, and vote for a candidate based on things besides their party affiliation. Voters are more than just a demographic. Each individual vote matters.

  • No, this demographic will not vote for Clinton this year.

    I find it very difficult to answer this question. I feel this demographic is interested enough in how this country is going to be run and educated enough to form their own opinions on who they want to run it. I will have to be on the side of "no" simply due to the fact that I find it distasteful to lump an entire demographic into one thinking body that will vote one way or another.

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