US Allows Marijuana Research: Should medical marijuana usage be allowed in the US?

  • Yes, medicinal marijuana should be accessable and legal in the United States.

    Yes, medicinal marijuana should be legal in the United States because research has shown that marijuana, a natural substance, can reduce pain, nausea, vomiting; marijuana is also known to increase appetite and relieve other symptoms of cancer, AIDS, and other illnesses. Additionally, there has been little to no research proving that marijuana poses any major health risks, unlike some of the other harsh drugs that people with cancer, AIDS, etc. are exposed to.

  • Yes, it's beneficial to the patients, and helps decriminalize usage

    Medical marijuana has been shown to be effectively used. There are many prisoners in our jail system of marijuana that have harsh and cruel sentences that could sometimes keep people in prison for life. The use of medical marijuana should not be banned, it should be legalized as it helps both the patient and the often affects and punishes non-violent users who land in jail.

  • Yes, medical marijuana should be allowed in the United States

    Yes, medical marijuana should be allowed in the United States. If this drug helps to ease people's suffering, then it is useful for that purpose. It should not be smoked illegally, however, it should be allowed to be used for medical purposes without interference from authorities or threats of being arrested.

  • No medical marijuana usage should not be allowed

    Medical marijuana has a long way to go to earn the right to be titled "medical". Currently it is used as a scapegoat for folks who merely wish to do drugs in a legal seeming manner, yet it has not shown enough results to be labeled as legitimate medicinal treatment.

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