US and NZ runners' mutual help on the track: Should Olympic athletes value medals over sportsmanship?

  • Olympic attitude is key

    The NZ and US runners mutually helping each other was a teachable moment for all of us. At the end of the day it is not how many metals you bring home but what kind of human you were at the moment you were tested with adversity. Both of these runners can answer this question in a positive way. Kudos to them for being awesome.

  • I believe sportsmanship is the ultimate reward as an athlete.

    Competing to be the best is a goal that many people and athletes aspire to achieve. The reward for hard work and dedication in some cases is a gold medal. Although what we witnessed during the Summer Olympics between the U.S. and NZ runners is something that no medal or award can match: true sportsmanship for the world to see first hand. A gold medal is a party favor in comparison.

  • Sportsmanship should win.

    Working with your team and making an honest team effort should be the number one concern of Olympic competitors. Medals and accolades do matter somewhat, but the most important aspect should always be acting as a team player. A team that works together but still loses can still have a very happy morale.

  • Olympic athletes choose how they pursue medals

    Just qualifying for the Olympics typically takes years of dedication and discipline. The athletes make the sacrifices themselves and deserve the medals and recognition that they receive. If they choose to risk losing a medal by a gesture of sportsmanship with a fellow competitor, that is their choice. They have earned the right to choose how they pursue the medals.

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