US electoral college: Does the electoral college favor Republicans?

  • Young People are discouraged

    Who supports democrats the most? Young people and Minorities. Young People are easily discouraged when it comes to voting. The idea that "My vote does not matter" is caused by the electoral college. We can see that countries that do not have an electoral college (EVERY OTHER DEMOCRACY) have a much higher voter turn out. Just remember, the electoral college was created by rich white men so that rich white men could stay in power.

  • It Does Not Favor Republicans

    The electoral college may look like it favors Republicans because most of the electoral map is red on election nights, but those areas are not as densely populated as the blue ones. States like California and New York side with Democrats because of the large urban centers, therefore giving them more of the total electorate.

  • It only favors battleground states

    The electoral college does not favor one party over another (unless you count the Democrats and Republicans as a single party, since it ensures that third parties have no chance of winning).

    What it favors is the battleground states, since those are the only ones that can be swung by campaign promises. The only reason politicians visit New York or Utah is to pick up their paychecks, then they go and spend them in Florida and Ohio.

  • It doesn't favor Republicans

    It doesn't favor Republicans if they live in Democrat states. For example I live in MA, if I vote Republican my vote is worthless. But it also works the other way around in Democrat state. It is unfair and the electoral college should be abolished! Now, not later, now! Ron Paul 2016

  • The Electoral College Favors Swing States

    The electoral college does not favor one political party over the other. Instead, it favors voters in a few key swing states. From a statistical perspective, voters in Ohio and Florida largely control the outcome of presidential elections. This disproportionate impact is unfair to the rest of the country and permits those two states to receive political favors the rest of us don't get.

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