US offshore oil drilling: Can offshore oil withstand natural disasters like hurricanes?

  • Offshore drilling can withstand anything with technology

    Companies want to be profitable, when they start going offshore, there is more risk. The risk however is reduced by technologies that make these offshore oil rigs more sturdy. With the investment cost comes the cost at the pump. The rigs can handle whatever the hurricanes can bring, but for how long it will be profitable is the big question. At some point, oil will not be worth what it costs to produce.

  • No drilling or occasional spill?

    I believe that these oil rigs will be able to withstand most of the hurricanes but not the stronger ones. Man cannot build anything that can stand up to and beat mother nature. Every once in a while a hurricane will do massive damage to these oil rigs and we just have to decide if the risk of spilling oil into the ocean every once in a while is worth the benefits of drilling.

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