• Here's hoping so!

    We Americans love our sports, and golf is no exception! How can we not expect a native son to win a tournament named the US Open, right? While certainly not a given outcome, it is very entertaining for all the American golf fans out there to cheer on their favorite. I think this matter of national pride is not limited to the USA only!

  • Yes, the most competitive players are American.

    Yes, the US Open will be won by an American golfer. In addition to having a "home court advantage," most of the top-ranked competitors are from the United States. American golfers also make up the largest group of players from a single nation. These odds alone make an American victory very likely.

  • An American will win the US Open due to large percentage of American golfers

    The 2016 US Open is being held in Oakmont, Pennsylvania with contenders vying for a top prize of $10 million! With over 60% of all players in the tournament registered as American, the likelihood of an American winning is very high. If you take an even closer look, you'll notice that 75% of the highest rated players are American. Granted, there is always a chance for an underdog or underestimated player to take the tournament, but more often than not, the demographic with the highest percentage of talented players will come out on top.

  • The best gofling athlete will win.

    Simply because the US Open has the words "US" in the title does not mean that an American golfer should or would win. Like any other sport, the athlete that performs the best during the competition will win. I do believe that the US open is a competition that is "open" to nationals of other countries as well.

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