• Yes, Native Americans should fight back

    Yes, Native Americans should fight back against the Utah country that silenced their votes. This is a violation of their rights that they should not take. If they take this, then people will feel that they can do more to them. It is important for Native Americans to stand up for their rights to keep something like this from happening to them again.

  • Using the wheels of change to move obstacles to voting Native Americans can make a difference.

    While a county in Utah used means at hand to silence a section of the population the Native American voters impacted can make a bigger change starting at the local level. By petition and actions above the current law they have the ability if organized to change the current situation that prevented them from being counted in votes in Utah County.

  • Yes, Native American voters should fight for their right to vote.

    Yes, they should fight because Utah's gerrymandering of districts containing Native American voters is an insult to all Americans. It is another example of the historic oppression of this nation's indigenous people. They should not be forced to drive five hours to a polling place. Their right to vote should be protected just as the Voting Rights Act protected the right of African Americans to vote in the South. It is a sad commentary that our nation is still treating Native Americans this way in 2016.

  • Looks to me like they are!

    When the Supreme Court rules that the voting districts were created to be racially biased, they violated the rights of Native Americans. It looks to me like they are fighting back, and they should. When money from the federal government is coming into the county because of the tribe's location, then it isn't right to keep that support solely to the white population. that's racists, no matter how you look at it.

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