Utah is reportedly up for grabs in the presidential race. Will Trump lose Utah in a landslide?

  • He will lose Utah

    He will lose Utah. This is because Trump is not liked in the state by the religious Mormon population. Mitt Romney's scathing speech about Trump was a good sign of how the rest of the Mormon population probably feels about Mr. Trump. I am not sure he could turn this impression around.

  • Utah is still to close to call in presidential race

    Most polls find that Utah still leans in favor of Trump in the general election. He has been sliding in some polls, but those who support Trump are not swayed by his controversial comments or the attacks against him from the Democrat side and other GOP politicians. Utah remains too close to call.

  • No, he will not.

    It is tough to see how Utah will do. The state is up for grabs partly because it is a historically conservative, religious state, but they also have been instrumental in pushing for religious freedoms. Trump is relatively conservative, but he does not seem to believe in religious freedoms so it is hard to see.

  • He shouldn't, but who knows.

    Utah is a lock-down Republican state, thus Trump should theoretically win it The way things are going, however, he just may lose because of his oddball ways. If he loses Utah, then he may as well hang it up on the rest of the U.S. because Utah should be a shoe-in.

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