• Some People Do Not Like Them And Should Be Left for CHOICE

    Many People do not like needles and pills although your point makes sense you would need to find another way to ingest these even if you need to take it in gummy form , etc Some people also think that these vaccinations are harmful in which I restate my claim that it should be left for choice,

  • Hell yea yea!

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  • Arguable harm to people

    When you have to look so hard under a microscope to find issues with vaccinations, chances are the pros outweigh the cons. Billions of people receive vaccines regularly, and yet we don't see hundreds of millions of adverse reactions. We see a few thousand, maybe. Yet, diseases like polio and are virtually eradicated thanks to them.

  • Provides Immunity For Humans

    Vaccinations provides memory cells which provides immunity when the same pathogen gets into the body. They can be lethal.

    Vaccinations saved many lives such as providing us immunity for smallpox. If it should be eradicated, many would die as a result of hazardous pathogens and the absence of immunity. Therefore, they should not be eradicated.

  • No no no

    Thats like saying I want to get Rabies, or small pox, or Measles!!
    WE need vaccines, they are important and anyone who thinks the cause autism clearly know nothing about anything.
    Vaccinations save lives.
    If you believe vaccinations are wrong, have fun dying. I hope you don't get to make decisions about anybody's vaccinations.
    A healthy human

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