Van Driver Kills Cyclist While Texting: Should there be legislation against texting while driving?

  • Yes, texting while driving should be illegal.

    Yes, texting should be prohibited while operating a motor vehicle. Just as there are laws requiring drivers and passengers to wear seat belts, it is in the interest of safety to ban texting. There are enough distractions on the road already and it is impossible to stay fully focused while scrolling through text messages. Texting while driving will only lead to more accidents.

  • Yes, texting while driving Is very dangerous.

    If your body is in any place where cars go, whether you are on foot, on a bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, skateboard, etc., you should NOT be using your cell phone, and the laws should reflect this.. This includes crosswalks, sidewalks where there are driveways, parking lots, driveways in general (especially driveways into large, public parking lots with much traffic), etc..

  • Pay attention while driving your death machine

    It infuriates me so much that a huge chunk of drivers don't pay attention to where they are going. If it's not texting, it's fiddling with the radio or chatting with friends. People, you're driving a multi-ton death machine down the road. Pay attention to where you are driving it! Distracted driving should be a ticket regardless of the cause.

  • Yes, there should be legislation against texting while driving.

    Yes, I believe there should absolutely be legislation against texting while driving. Unfortunately, the headline, "Van Driver Kills Cyclist While Texting" is not uncommon. Distracted driving, especially texting while driving, risks the lives of so many people: drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, other operators of motor vehicles, etc. It is a selfish act to text while driving. The roads are public spaces and therefore legislative action must be taken against texting while driving to ensure public safety.

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