• Veganism is pointless

    It's seriously just nature. People need to realize that if animals had more power over humans, they'd probably eat us as well. I'm sure animals that do eat humans, such as alligators or polar bears, don't think about the "cruelty" of killing and eating an innocent human before they do it. Like, c'mon, people. Yall are too sensitive. It's annoying.

  • Not all Vegans are Idiots.

    Many times many people do get offended because they don't have the discipline to change they're own diet and it's just common sense that eating right is known from instinct. Consuming Animals make up for 75% of Pollution. Most intelligent people are Vegan. I'm not for criticize-ing others Vegan or Non Vegan.

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Axonly says2016-08-11T08:15:46.150
They aren't idiots