• Venus Williams is at the end of her career

    Venus Williams has had a stellar career as one of the greatest tennis players of our time. All good things must come to an end however. Venus is getting older and although she still plays a great game of tennis she is being replaced by younger, up-and-coming players who just play a better game.

  • She has begun the long fade into memory

    Oh, she'll win matches still. But time is moving on and Venus Williams isn't at her peak anymore. It's difficult to face becoming part of history, rather than making history, but athletes have a narrow window when their bodies and minds are both functioning at their best, and Venus has passed that. Hopefully she will age with dignity and become one of the elder statesmen of her sport.

  • No, Venus Williams is not washed up

    Venus Williams lost the third set of the US Open and is one of the strongest women athletes to ever play professional tennis. She is also an aging athlete having turned 36 in June so there is going to be a struggle for her to remain at the top. Her career is not over but she may not hold the top level for much longer.

  • No, Venus Williams is not at the end of her career.

    Venus Williams is, at present, one of the greatest athletes in the world. Everyone goes through difficult periods in their lives where they do not perform at their maximum capacity, but this is a temporary condition. Venus is still in top physical shape, very motivated by her love for the game and a determined, disciplined person. She will come back from this stronger than ever.

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