Victoria's Secret: Is society putting too much pressure on women to have the "perfect bodies"?

  • Not only Victoria's Secret does it, it just needs to end

    Many ads, on TV, in magazines, have beautiful, SKINNY girls being the center of attention. When guys see them (most) will comment on their appearance. When most ads have women who's body/face has been altered in some way to make them look "more pretty", it's hard for girls to have confidence. Honestly, I'm jealous of all those ads, why? Because they have perfect hair, perfect bodies, perfect face. They are just beautiful and perfect and everyone loves them

  • Victoria's Not A Secret

    With sexy ads come envious minds. Victoria's Secret ads among many others are becoming more focused on women having the most sexiest and most perfect bodies: rather than selling a product that actually portrays a normal women's body. Pressure is being put on women, from society, to be as skinny and as perfect as one can possibly be. This is not a great thing for our young girls who are starving themselves on purpose everyday, just to have that perfect body they see on the ads. Pressure is being put on young women and older women alike to be what they aren't. Instead of loving themselves for their imperfections, they idolize the Victoria's Secret models as the ideal way to look. If the pressure on our women doesn't subside, many women will take drastic steps to be perfect, like going under the knife, which could put their lives in danger.

  • Yes, there is much pressure on women to have perfect bodies

    Although over the years there has been some improvement, there is still substantial pressure on women to look at certain way. Victoria's Secret has changed the name of this campaign to "A Body for Every Body", due to the outrage the original name sparked. Advertisers need to wake up and realize that type of advertising is more often than not, going to fail in the future. When a women looks at an ad and knows full well that she does not resemble the woman in the ad in any way, she is not going to buy the product.

  • Yes victoria's putting too much pressure on women to have the "perfect bodies" .

    Yes victoria's putting too much pressure on women to have the "perfect bodies" .
    City officials cited evidence in The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing and elsewhere that more than 80 percent of 10-year-old girls are afraid of being fat, that girls’ self-esteem drops at age 12 and does not improve until 20, and that that is tied to negative body image.

  • This pressure on women needs to stop

    There are so many girls who are getting breast implants under the are of 18. In the world girls are starting to cut,burn,bite etc. I don't think this is fair,the society never scrutinizes men. Why is it only us women? The society needs to treat us all the same right?

  • There is too much pressure on young girls.

    There are to many girls who are harming themselves to try to have a perfect figure,a perfect bust. There are so many girls who are undergoing breast implants under the age 18! There are drugs involved too,this has to stop. Overweight girls should be treated equally not just because they are heavier.

  • Bodies, Butts, and Breasts

    We are continually getting hit with societies bullets of perfection. We are expected to be short but tall, skinny but curvy, with extra large butts and boobs. It is one of the leading cause of Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa in teenage girls today. We need to stop the stereotypical images from getting out and making girls feel worse about themselves.

  • Its hard to deal with all the pressure

    Not all plus sized models are actually plus sized. In the U.S. size 12 and up can be considered, but if you think about it. How many people actually fit the size 11 and below; "plus sized" models can wear a size as small as a 6... Thats sad. Men are defined through the same thing as well

  • PEOPLE ARE being pressured by media

    Women are pressured everyday by magazines, television, social media and so on, to have the perfect body that media portrays, which so happens not to exist. They starve themselves, exhaust themselves, take pills just to look like their role model, which so happens to be photo shopped , if you want a society like this then you are not human.
    Men are pressured by society to have the perfect bodies, but unlike women they can not open their feelings because they have to be a man which media, again, shows they way men should act.
    And everyday men and women are pressured, starting from teenage years, by media just to be perfect and perfect does not exist, we were made different for a reason, I wouldn't want to live in a world where all women were skinny and beautiful nor a world where all men we muscular and brave.

  • We are all different

    Not all of us are tall or skinny. We are all different shapes and sizes. No one really looks like those models on the Victoria Secret ads and commercials. Not even the models look like that.That's what I call false advertisement. They put to much pressure on all women in general. They need start making their models more realistic and less like a barbie doll

  • A short yes with an if and a long no with a but

    The fashion industry thrives off of people wanting to look great. So there is no reason they shouldn't put out "the best looking people." But it is all a matter of opinion anyways. The best looking people can come in many shaped and sizes, it's just about being comfortable in your own skin. My best advice to people who want perfect bodies is to understand what they really want and make that their goal.

  • You, people, are the ones putting pressure on women to have the perfect bodies.

    Let's analyse the question, let's look closely to the words forming it. There is no Victoria's secret. These is only a public opinion. You reader, the public, the people are the only ones to decide what should and should not be called "fat". You are the ones who define words. The definition of any word in the dictionary is a result of subjectiveness, the result of the "common opinion".For exemple, how would you define the word "perfect" ? There is no real definition. There is only your opinion. So there is no pressure on women to have the perfect bodies as everyone has a different definition of "perfect".

  • No, society is not putting too much pressure on women to have the "prefect bodies"

    No, society is not putting too much pressure on women to have the "prefect bodies". Many companies including Victoria's Secret are including plus size models and lingerie in their products and advertisements. Society is putting pressure for women to be healthy, and every body type has a different level of what is considered healthy.

  • There is not

    No, there is not too much pressure on girls to have the perfect bodies. I mean think about it. We have plus sized models, we have barbies that are plus sized. You could say guys care about how girls look, but in a song it says " Silicone parts are made for toys " a guy sings this song. This shows he doesn't care how us girls look.

  • Ye ye ye

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  • It's an advertisement

    More women are going to buy a particular bra if they think it makes them look amazing, and same thing for men buying things for their girlfriends and wives. There is nothing wrong with that, it's a business. I admit that there is a lot of pressure to look pretty, but it is a person's choice to care that the societal ideal is something they must uphold. I don't think many people expect the average women to look like this. I can see the arguments why women could be holding themselves to impossible standards but the fact that Americans have created an ideal body in no way means I, or any other woman, is obligated to have an ideal body.

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