Video Game Violence: Are today's video games too violent?

Asked by: andyjfraser
  • How can they not be

    People are going around saying that its ok to kill because they saw it in a game! What is wrong with our society? And people are getting addicted to the games sooo much they play for 30 hours a week. Face it people really need to put less blood and gore in video games

  • Violence is dumb

    Violence is not the answer to the world's problems, you twit! How does killing a fella solve political arguments?????!!?? Yer a doofus if you don't agree with me, cuz im a boss!! I study in grade four eglish class, although im noo scholar, i have to say it's pretty dumb ideae to kill folks for cash, too. Yeah, there're too violnet.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Too violent by far!!

    Far too much:
    -graphic images
    -people may copy the scenes in it
    -can cause people to go loopy
    the games played by youngsters are too much for the human brain, so people burn brain cells while having "fun".
    If everyone played these retarted games, every one would be boxheads that don't know how to spell: "knowlidge"!! Man!

  • Video games are too violent?

    Kids are getting too distracted from video games. This causes them to get fail on schoolwork, sports, and family. J h h h h jx j js cj j j j j j j j j j j j j jj j j j j j j j j j j

  • Video games are too violent?

    Kids are getting too distracted from video games. This causes them to get fail on schoolwork, sports, and family. J h h h h jx j js cj j j j j j j j j j j j j jj j j j j j j j j j j

  • What pleases the eye

    Before I start, I want to mention that I used to be a HUGE fan of bloody first person shooter games, but not anymore.
    Many games today are far too violent and disgusting, and if you enjoy them, then please ask yourself this, "Why do I enjoy watching death and suffering?"
    People nowadays often give the excuse of "Oh, it isn't real so it doesn't matter what it is." But the fact is that if you are pleased by watching death and injury, it just isn't right. I won't however, say, that video games will make your child walk outside and attack someone, but by no means are they good for a persons mind.

  • Yes, video games are far too violent today.

    Video games have become increasingly violent, enough to warrant the government getting involved and adding warning labels. Unfortunately, we have also learned that some people who commit crimes have used video games to increase their skill and accuracy. Researchers have learned that the people who do mass killings (such as the one at Columbine) often have a liking for violent video games. Of course, not everyone who plays violent video games will commit crimes, but it seems a shame that video game makers are inadvertently training some deadly killers.

  • It is too violent too kids.

    We play games and some might play FPS games. My friends play them, too. I saw them playing it and it was too violent because blood was coming out so much. Also, as GTA Series, it is too violent that we kill people in city, kill polices, and steal cars. It might teach people how to murder. As you know, if we are addicted in games, we can't distinguish what is real world or game world. In South Korea, on boy who is student played violent(18) game too much with other adult's ID. He did it like all days and he became addicted. He couldn't distinguish real and game, so he killed his little brother and said to his mom "I killed him, but item doesn't came out..". It made me to realize games are too violent to make people to kill his families. In conclusion, these days' games are too violent for people

  • Yes, games these days are too violent

    Games these days teaches the last generations to kill and murder people. They will apply it to daily lives if they keep on doing that. They taught them how to kill perfectly in the head. Do you expect us to be murderer in the future? I think games these days are too violent.

  • Yes they are

    These games just teach our children and even adults that violence solves everything when indeed it doesn't, violence just begets more violence, but I blame parents for allowing their kids to play such games in the first place, not exactly showing good parenting skills are they. The Parents, Game developers and Governments should all ask themselves the question, is it really necessary to portray violence in Games whether they are aimed at the adult or Children's market?

  • All of the argument on the opposing side are stupid.

    People say just because they saw someone get shot in a video game doesn't mean they are going to murder someone in real life. People need to figure that out. I play Rainbow 6 Siege. You can go around shooting people all the time and i haven't murdered anyone. More of the shooters that have actually killed people haven't played video game than the shooter that did play video games.

  • This is correlation, not cause!!!!!

    Saying that we should ban video games because someone shot someone and they happened to play a violent video game is stupid. It is like saying "we should ban the ocean because people are drowning" It is stupid. There is some correlation yes, but not cause. Some shooter might have played a violent video game but is that the real cause? Think of all the other people who played games like that and didn't do anything stupid. This is clearly correlation not cause.

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  • Heck no, bro

    No, I love my COD and Battle Field. These games help me let off stress by taking out my anger on animated charecters instead of real people. These games also teaches the brain to react faster, and it the teaches you to memorize battle field tactics. These were the reasons why I think that video games are NOT to violent.

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    Posted by: nien
  • The numbers don't add up

    Take GTA for instance! Looking at how many games they've sold; their last 3 games have sold tens of millions of copies all over the world. They're sold to teenagers and adults alike and range from 'addicts' to your casual gamer. It's the person playing the game, some people are deluded or have mental health problems which yes, may be stressed and grow the obsession but anything could have done that; A film, a book or even camp fire ghost stories. Video games can also work well of children as they know it's a game and can help distinguish what's right and wrong. So to sum up, the vast majority of people who play these games (children included) will be in a 'normal' state of mind and will be able to continue playing and living life normally. On the other hand if some children take the wrong message about killing, then unfortunately it's something that will happen anyway as I mentioned through; books, films and even DC comics.

  • No, these days the games are not too violent.

    Ok, i agree, all mass murderers have played video games. But, who does not play video games these days, every guy and a lot of girls too play video games. It's like saying that mass murderers drink water, it is just a fact. There have been scientific studies that say it makes them more violent at the time, but it does not have a general affect. Also, it has been proven that gamers have a faster reaction time, their reflexes are better. Games can also be educational, such as simulations. Games are intellectual because in many strategy games you have to figure out how to beat someone. Leading to the gamer thinking faster in challenging situations. Games are also social. I agree that they might sometimes not be playing outside with other people, and too much on the console, but it is social because you are playing with your friends.

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