Video games: Are video games good for children, adults, and the public?

  • They are good

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  • Video Games Better than Gangs

    Playing video games fosters hand-eye coordination, increases concentration and gives children and adults an opportunity to safely release tension. Video games are good in general because they decrease violence in the streets. I'd rather kids play video games at home than be out on the streets doing drugs and killing each other.

  • Yes they are entertainment

    Video games are great for the general public no matter their age. Video games are a great form of entertainment and can often provide a sense of escape from the real world. There are some games that are too violent or inappropriate but in general video games are good for the public.

  • Yes they can be.

    Video games can be good for anyone as long as it is treated right and people follow the rating guidelines. A kid should not be playing grand theft auto, but they can play other learning games or Disney games and actually figure out how to think critically. An adult usually won't be affected by GTA so they should be fine with moderation.

  • Video Games Have Positive Influences

    Video games are definitely good for children, adults, and the general public. They've been shown to be beneficial for hand-eye coordination and keeping the mind sharp. Likewise, video games can be used as educational tools in various ways. While many people deride the video game industry, such an industry is far more beneficial than most realize.

  • To An Extent

    I believe video game can be good for the whole family. Video games have been shown to improve hand-eye coordination. I believe they can be beneficial and good for everyone, as long as they are understood to be a form of entertainment and played for reasonable amounts of time. I think you have problems when they are over used.

  • Yes, in small doses.

    Yes, video games are good for children, adults, and the public, as long as the games are not violent or bloody. In small doses, video games are harmless. They provide entertainment, and they are at least interactive, unlike television, where a person just sits and watches. Only games that promote violence are bad.

  • No, video games are not good for children, adults and the public.

    I believe that video games are not good for children, adults and the public. Playing video games for long periods of times can lead to a type of addiction where all you want to do is play video games and nothing else. Also, playing video games leads to social isolation. People get so wrapped up in their games they might limit their interaction and conversations with others.

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  • Video games are a waste of time and can ruin your life.

    My Personal opinion comes from personal experience. My oldest son is twenty-four. He failed his only college class because playing video games was more important to him than doing his homework. He has been fired from multiple jobs because he has either over slept from staying up all
    night playing, or was late to work because he couldn't stop playing.

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