Video shows the same man near both Chelsea incident sites. Is he a "lone wolf?"

  • Yes he is a "lone wolf".

    He is the one who acts alone. Near the bombing sites, he was the only one who was spotted in both cases. There may be someone helping him behind the scene, but when the real act is carried out, he is alone. Based on these characteristics, he is the "lone wolf".

  • No, he is not a lone wolf.

    No, he is not a lone wolf because someone inspired him to do this. Whether he was the only one who carried it out is another story. But he planted the bombs as part of a much larger organization of terror. We must see who he was learning from in this incident.

  • No, video alone is not enough evidence.

    While video of the same man near both Chelsea incident sites is enough to conclude that he is possibly involved, it is not enough evidence to imply that he is a lone wolf. Further investigation through questioning and digging through his phone and online records is needed to determine if he worked within a team. It's highly possible that this man was just the chosen person for planting the devices and that others were involved in planning these attacks.

  • There is no way to tell at this time

    There is simply not enough evidence to support even if it's the right guy, let alone whether he was acting totally alone. It wouldn't be easy for a lone wolf to gather the materials and make the bombs, so I think it is more likely that he is part a cell.

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