Vietnamese farmers re-purpose old war materials into boats: Does America have the same capacity to recycle?

  • Yes, America has the same capacity to recycle.

    Yes, America has the same capacity to recycle. America can also do things like this. It is just a matter of will and getting the environmental debate in more peoples' minds. There needs to be sweeping public opinion campaigns to get more people concerned about the environment for the future. We need to get people thinking about their children and their grand children.

  • We do "have the capacity", but not the time, or culture.

    I came from a very poor family that has adamant values about not wasting anything, so I often have more of an inclination to repair or reuse before sending stuff off to the grinders. I repair electronics that were made to last as one of my hobbies and people look at me like I'm crazy when I say that. A lot of the stuff that is designed for such a culture is getting older now unfortunately and I think its directly a result of a shift in our mentality. Very few people actually learn about their stuff anymore. Look at your latest publication on any product. Its all about the specs now. People look at recycling as this amazing thing that saves the earth when in reality its just a way for businesses to get their raw resources back and sell them more throwaway stuff for our throwaway culture, albeit with an extra feature. I mean its great that we aren't throwing it away, but although we have the capacity, the majority of us don't have the time in our culture to put fourth the thought required for this kind of stuff, and require a more generic approach. We live in a throwaway society whether that stuff being thrown away is recycled or not, the majority is made, bought, and tossed aimlessly.

    You want efficient? My truck was designed in the 1980's, updated and sold into the 2000's and still competes with modern designs in 2016. Seriously, it gets 26 mpg fully loaded and likes to cruise at 90 mph (24 mpg at that point). Yay! On top of that, I can repair anything that doesn't require a trip to the machine shop right in my garage, It was made back when if something failed you could actually fix it, and not just replace some generic unit that needs to be done at the dealer, and send the old one off to "the specialist". This thing has saved me so much money, and requires so many less resources to keep running then a typical modern vehicle. I love it!

    Anyway, that old truck was completely wiped off the drawing boards because the "design was dated" and still we have companies wasting time and resources cranking out the same thing over again in a more complicated package just because they are following our market shifts where everything has gotta be new and "improved" to a standard that consumers can't actually make because while they don't actually learn how things work and have know idea how to actually recycle. That's the culture we live in. Rant over.

  • Yes, America has the same capacity to recycle.

    Yes, America has the same capacity to recycle, but they must start doing it soon. The US is one of the most powerful countries in the world and has some of the best scientists. We should use these scientists to figure out the best ways to recycle old goods to prevent climate change.

  • Just not the desire

    In America, we are a consumer society that thrives on the disposable. We buy products that are designed to wear out so that we have to buy them again. We certainly have the same capacity to recycle, we just don't care enough to actually do it. We always want stuff that is new out of the box so we can impress our friends.

  • Poverty has a lot to do with it.

    Poverty levels are higher in other countries which causes their populations to be extra creative with re-purposing materials. I doubt whether Vietnam has a robust recycling policy but their citizens appear to be making good use of old materials because they don't have access to new materials. In America, both new and used goods are available, so there is less need for recycling on that level.

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