Virginia bans smoking in cars with young children: Is this taking anti-smoking bans too far?

  • Banning smoking in cars with young children is a smart choice.

    Secondhand smoke is very dangerous for young children who have no choice whether or not to be around a smoker. Therefore, I favor Virginia's ban of smoking in cars with young children. Children shouldn't have to face the side effects of secondhand smoke when they don't have a choice of whether the caregiver is smoking in the car.

  • No, this law does not take anti-smoking bans too far.

    The Virginia law that bans smoking in cars with young children does not take smoking bans too far. Second-hand smoke is dangerous for everyone; especially for young children whose lungs are still growing. Therefore, young children in vehicles do not need to be exposed to second-hand smoke. In short, this law is important for protecting the health of children.

  • Second hand-smoking has shown to be harmful

    While smokers may claim that their freedoms are being taken away from all the recent smoking bans, they should either accept it, or better yet, quit smoking! More discoveries are made about the dangers of second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke not only has been proven to lead to an increase in lung cancer, but has shown to be bad for the heart as well - and likewise lead to heart complications. Specifically, among children there are possible links to an increase in Lymphoma, Leukemia and Brain Tumors. If smoking adults aren't smart enough to be good, health models for their kids by NOT smoking around them, then the government should step up and protect these children.

    On a side and personal-note, going on long road-trips as a kid with parents can be challenging as is. But having parents who smoke incessantly for those long car rides and not even crack the window an inch can make a kid feel sick from not being able to breath.

  • No, smoking is extremely bad for one's health and children need an advocate.

    The negative effects of smoking are extremely well-known, and banning smoking in cars with young children is looking out for their best interests. Children are especially susceptible to disease, and are vulnerable to the adults in their care. An adult or teenager can usually effectively object to someone smoking in their presence, but a child's concerns are all too often disregarded, even if they're valid. Rules like this one speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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