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  • No, 12-year-olds should not be allowed to marry.

    No, 12-year-olds are too young and should never be able to marry. The frontal cortex, which is responsible for emotional development, is not fully mature until people reach their early to mid-20s. 12-year-olds are not sufficiently mature to understand the types of issues marriages can bring, and they are way too young to engage in sex.

  • 12 year olds should not be able to marry.

    No, 12 year olds should not be allowed to marry in Virginia. At that age, they are emotionally immature pre-teens with very little experience in life. They are unprepared to fully understand the legal contract they are entering, let alone have the maturity to sustain a viable long-lasting relationship to another person. Their main concern should be their education.

  • No, 12-year-olds should not be able to marry.

    Young children should not be allowed to marry; even with the consent of their parents. Girls that are 12 are too young to enter into a marriage. Therefore, the proposed Virginia law to stop 12-year-old girls from marrying is good, but the law should have been introduced long ago. Hopefully, the Virginia legislature and governor will pass this bill not to protect girls from being married at an early age.

  • Absolutely not, 12 is most definitely still a child

    I do not even think it is healthy for a 12-year old child to be involved in sexual relations much less marriage where there is an expectation of sex on demand. This calls to mind polygamy where little girls are married off to men 3 and 4 times their age. I think if the state of Virginia is successful in this attempt that a national precedent will be set and the health and concerns of little girls will fall to the wayside.

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