Voters on both sides increasingly see a Trump win as a possibility. Do you believe the polls?

  • I hope he wins

    Clinton belongs in prison, if we did what she did that's were we would be, she is no better than Snowden. Her dumb husband should be there also cause he lied to the Nation about his sex IN The White House. How many people has been disposed of because of our government covering up

  • Yes, I believe the polls.

    Many experts agree that the polls seem to be moving in Donald Trump's favor. Polls are not always entirely accurate, however, they can point to an overall trend. Trump is gaining momentum as Clinton continues to deal with sandal and health concerns. There is a good chance that Trump will win the election.

  • Polls are a good way to judge

    Polls are a good way to determine who is going to win, but this election is far from over. He has a chance to win at this point, but I think once we get to the debates he is going to show just how little he knows about running this country.

  • No, I do not believe the polls.

    No, I do not believe the polls that indicate that a Trump win is a possibility. Most polls are inherently biased toward conservative voters or liberal voters in order to incite fear in voters who want their candidate to win. They're used to sort of light a fire under voters to get them out on Election Day.

  • No, I have faith that the Democrats will show up to vote.

    Trump seems to be rising in the polls; however, this is simply a gauge of how the masses are currently thinking. I have know doubt in my mind that Democrats will exercise their right to vote to ensure Trump does not become the next president of the United States. I am sure that between now and election day, Trump will do something to even sway more Republicans to vote for Clinton.

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