Walmart reportedly has a crime problem that is driving police crazy. Should the company do a better job on security?

  • Yes, Walmart should work on fixing it so the police don't have to.

    This is another example of Walmart, one of the wealthiest companies in the world, leeching off of taxpayers. Walmart could put money and effort into fixing its crime problem, but it knows that it will make more money if it doesn't spend much on crime prevention. Walmart doesn't pay its workers a livable wage because it knows that it doesn't have to, and the government will give its workers welfare benefits instead. Likewise, it doesn't spend money on crime prevention because it knows that the police will do it for them and Walmart's executives will continue to get richer regardless.

  • Yes, Walmart needs to improve security.

    Walmart needs to do a better job of improving security in its stores because of its crime problems. The company is responsible for the safety of its shoppers. If shoppers feel like its not safe to shop at Walmart, many will shop elsewhere. Therefore, Walmart needs to get this crime problem under control.

  • Yes, Walmart should do a better job on security.

    If Wal-mart is having an issue with crime, the police should not be their first line of defense. As a company they should do all they can do to protect their assets. If they continue to have these crime problems, they will undoubtedly have to raise prices and low prices is what they advertise they have. Wal-Mart must look for a remedy besides busying the local police.

  • Walmart should do better with security

    Wal-mart needs to do better with their security. Wal-mart pays very low wages and as a result their security is not very good. If Wal-mart paid their employees better they would be able to retain those who would improve security in their stores. People will not do a good job with security if they are not fairly paid.

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