• War Thunder is a lot better

    War Thunder is a lot better than World of Tanks, and I know this by experience. War Thunder is a million times more realistic than World of tanks, and overall, looks the best. Even though World of Tanks IS more popular, War Thunder fans generally remain loyal and have been playing it for years.

  • War thunder is better

    War thunder has planes along with tanks. World of Tanks has only tanks. War thunder is more addicting, and it is way more popular than World of Tanks. World of Tanks s confusing and there is a lot of stuff to look at. War thunder is eaiser to learn than wot.

  • World of Tanks is better in some ways but worse in others. Its all a matter of what you like.

    World of Tanks i more popular and definitely looks better, but the battles are not nearly as realistic as War Thunder. War Thunder is easier to learn, while World of Tanks requires fairly large knowledge to perform proficiently at. War Thunder is for those looking for authenticity and ease, while World of Tanks is for people who are more into freestyle fun at a higher skill level. I personally prefer World of Tanks.

  • World of tanks is better 100%

    War thunder may have planes and tanks but that doesn't make it better. World of tanks is more popular NOT war thunder. World of tanks has more tanks and looks better. War thunder has bad physics and world of tanks is my childhood, and takes more SKILL too actually get some where.

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