Warrensville Heights officer's Facebook post on Alton Sterling shooting goes viral: Should posting videos like these be illegal?

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  • No, posting videos like the Warrensville Heights officer's Facebook post should not be illegal

    No, I believe that in today's day and age where social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others, that are designed to provide a platform for self expression, should not be subject to censoring or issues of illegality unless the subject matter involves subjects that are considered to be extremely offensive, representative of or depicting unlawful/ illegal activity, is harmful or is subject matter that is already prohibited on the Internet. I believe that videos or postings which show or reveal actual events and are more investigative or a kind of reporting in nature should not be made illegal because they often reveal events that many should be made aware of and they are posted with the intention to make material public which is exactly what the social media sites are designed to do.

  • Let the world see the whole truth

    By making videos like this illegal the world may never know the truth of what is truly happening. The availability of video makes it so that everyone can see what really happened not just one persons opinion, or recollection of the facts but, what actually took place in a moment in time.

  • It's the people's right.

    The people should be allowed to see and know about what is going on, even if it's as controversial as the Alton Sterling shooting. But an officer shouldn't post this. In my opinion I feel that it is very incriminating. As graphic as it may be, I believe it's the people's right. It's a necessary evil.

  • No videos should be illegal

    The public should have the right to post any videos they want to the internet. If the government starts policing sites like YouTube, the general public will be in outrage. Plus, there will always be leak sites that people can anonymously upload videos to, making the law against them a law that cannot be upheld.

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