• It was partially justified

    The Attacks on the Pentagon was completely justified it was a military target in a war where the US was the aggressor. The US has been in there bombing them for over a decade. We need to look at this from a perspective of how we would react if it was happening to us. If China had a military presence in the US, Americans would be furious and would even take up arms. That being said the attacks on the Twin Towers weren't justified it was a civilian target. The difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter is the targeting of civilians.

  • The US destroyed Afghanistan and betrayed Bin Laden

    Need I say more? Their ONE AGREEMENT with Osama was "get your men to kick the soviets out of Afghanistan and we'll destroy Israel for you". When Bin Laden honoured the agreement, they betrayed him and invaded Afghanistan and gave the nuclear bomb and millions of dollars to Israel. Fuck the US.

  • THe USa iS BaD


  • The U.S needs to be taught a lesson.

    The U.S needs to be taught that human lives aren't just measured in dollar value after all of the wars started in the name of oil, mineral and trade rights.
    It's sad to say that 9/11 was justified to teach them that lesson but all it did was make them even worse and I sometimes wish they would just build that Trump border wall and keep away from the rest of the world.

  • 9/11 taught the US a lesson about terror.

    I live in a country flooded by terror. On average, there is a terror event. Whates even more funny is the fact the people from the US actually SUPPORT the terrorists. The 9/11 need to happen again, I repeat, 9/11 SHOULD HAPPEN AGAIN so americans will support us instead of the actuall terrorists.

  • Its literally 2015! Heres a real fact

    Ok for those who saw the 9/11 video already know that the plane was hijacked by Islamic terrorist (duhh)
    so that was being said that 4 Islamic people literally hijacked the plane 2 flew in N>Y>C 1 flew over Washington and the other flew in Pennsylvania. So the question i want you to answer is do you think that the 9/11 plane crash was revenge on what happened with the persian gulf???

  • Americans are hypocrites

    They had it coming all along. Hiroshima, Vietnam rapes, Palestine murders, stealing the land from the natives. These guys are the worst people alive. Americans don't understand what they are doing to other countries. If America kills innocent people, it's for the good of the world whereas if people whose families were killed by the Americans kill the people of America it's "terrorism". Bunch of stupid idiots. Hope the Native Americans perform rituals to wipe out all of those dirty bastards and restore prosperity to the earth.

  • Us was just out of control

    We were killing othet innocent civilians in other countries for no reason. Using that countries coal oil natural gas just because we found it so what if we found it its on their land it is their property not ours we used all of ours up now we have to be wait for more. Now we are getting attacked by terrorists (ex. 9/11) because of those reasons.

  • Of course it was justified.

    I believe you wreak what you sow and I would be a hypocrite if I say that 9/11 was uncalled for and ignore all the other times America has done the same thing if not even worse things towards other countries. I constantly remind people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki where we killed over 200,000 thousands of innocent people and they tell me "Well we were at war then" and that it was justified but when I talk about 9/11 they become upset and I tell them well it was justified because were at war. I can think of numerous examples were we killed thousands of innocent people. Whether it be during the Manifest destiny, or the rape and torture of innocent women during Vietnam. I'm an American myself and I would die for my country but I'm knowledgeable enough to know where my country has done wrong. Am I saying that retaliation from Al-Qaeda was right, God no but I can understand why they did it.

  • The US are war criminals.

    The United States is a terrorist state that has slaughtered millions of people just in the past few decades. In Islam it is an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, a soul for a soul. Yes they were mainly non-combatants inside the WTC but this a significant blow to the economy of the US and those people worked with the government therefore share the blame of the actions of their regime. Americans are not targeted because they are American, there is no such thing as racism in Islam, but they were targeted because of the actions of their government. In the words of Shaykh Usama bin Laden (May Allah have mercy on him), "America will never taste peace and security until peace becomes a reality in our lands". If the American people want peace I advise them to remove their government now otherwise another 9/11 is on its way.

  • Definitely not justified

    There is never any justification for killing innocent civilians on purpose. In times of war, sometimes innocents are inadvertently killed as collateral damage, which is terrible, but unfortunately happens. This attack was 100% intentional on a predominantly civilian population. Reminds me of the attacks on Hiroshima...Completely unjustified in my opinion.

  • The meaning of Lesser Jihad

    Lesser jihad states that you can only take your life but not the life of others. It states that you are only to kill the country leaders and not innocent civilians. It also states that negotiations must first be tried before the taking of lives. So really the pilots went against what is says in the Quran of their religion to go and have paradise in the next life?

  • Absolutely Not Jusified

    There is no justification for killing innocents in retaliation for what is presumed to be a wrong done to you. They way to address a wrong is to take it to the authorities and work through a legitimate system of justice like the international court at the Hague. Mass killing only escalates the supposed enemies response to your attack. This continues to occur until it has escalated into a full scale war.

  • Absolutly Not Jusified

    There is no justification for killing innocents in retaliation for what is presumed to be a wrong done to you. They way to address a wrong is to take it to the authorities and work through a legitimate system of justice like the international court at the Hague. Mass killing only escalates the supposed enemies response to your attack. This continues to occur until it has escalated into a full scale war.

  • No, the 9/11 tragedy is not justified in my opinion.

    9/11 was a terrible tragedy that was caused by a terrorist group. Terrorist groups are usually never justified in their heinous acts. On top of that the US committed no actions against said terrorist group that would have justified an action such as 9/11. Many lives were lost that day and nothing was gained, there is no way something like that could ever be justified.

  • Of course 9/11 was not justified.

    There is no possible way for someone to justify 9/11, no matter how twisted and despicable of a worldview that individual may have. The unhappiness of a people or group because of certain conditions does not warrant mass murder of people completely unrelated to their discontent. There were many innocent people who died in 9/11 who truly had nothing to do with anything, and may have even sympathized with the terrorists' position.

  • It obviously was not.

    Although I believe it was a false flag, I will say that it was unjustified in killing thousands of people in the attempt to gain support for a war. 9/11 was not justified and it was unnecessary, it was also unnecessary for the jets to keep on with the war games, they could have intercepted the planes and shoot them down instead of letting them hit high risk targets like highly populated buildings.

  • They were justified.

    The usa didnt see them coming and so with that we go back to the term survival of the fittest, and then clearly america was not the best so they lost. Dod dod dod dod dod dod dod dod dod dod do dod od od do dodo d do do

  • There are some sick people here

    Say that 9/11 was good to the 3,000 families of the ones who lost their lives. You are so happy to hide behind your screen. To say that they deserved it is absolutely sickening. Scum like you are making the world a terrible place. Someone ought to slap some sense into you.


    The U.S. Government may have been pretty bad at the time, but it doesn't mean that 2900 innocent civilians had to die, what did they do to you. Al Qaeda may have been mad at the GOVERNMENT for the war in Afghanistan, but that doesn't mean that people had to bear the brunt?

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