Was Abraham Lincoln the greatest President of all time?

  • Sorry but no cigar!

    Abraham Lincoln's "bright thinking" led to his depression, and later death. When George Washington and his army won the American Revolution, he was not hated for it. When Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery, and ended the civil war, he was Hated for it, and die in one of the worst ways!

  • The best YEAH!!!!

    A lot of people say that Lincoln was a bad president but he did a lot of good things. Lincoln had stopped slavery. Slavery had killed many people when they were running away. If Lincoln was a bad president, the United States would have never existed. Thanks to him, we are not seperated.

  • He Abolished Slavery and STOPPED THE WAR plus he was assinated

    He saved our continent by putting in the 13th amendment and the emancipation proclamation tht freed the slaves.WHT WOULD WE BE WITHOUT LINCLON!!!!!! SLAVERY,HALF A NATION AND WAR. The War would cause more lives to be lost.To make a UNITED UNION.Abraham Linclon was the most mourned president so HE IS THE BEST 👍

  • Preserved the Union and freed the slaves

    Lincoln was an honest man clearly shown by his characteristic as a lawyer who refused to take on cases that would cause him to lie. Of modest origins he became the President and from thereon he was a great commander-in-chief and succeeded where president Davis had failed. With his vision and leadership the union came out of the war victorious and the slaves freed.

  • Lincoln was the best

    He freed the slaves and overall took charge for what was right and even if he did avoid the constitution he needed to in order to accomplish what was truely right for the country as a whole. He definitely the greatest president in my opinion. He was a lover and a fighter!

  • Preserve the Union

    He held the union together during the most devastating war in American History. Not a lot of presidents could have been able to accomplish such a feat. Without his outstanding leadership, the United States might still be divided into 2 separate nations today and slavery would have been abolished much later in the U.S.

  • Lincoln preserved US

    Without the work of Abraham Lincoln, we would be divided into at least two different nations. He was also one of the best leaders to ever live on the planet. He's probably the bestest person who has ever lived on the face of the earth. Abe is a babe. Peace.

  • In the times of crisis, one must strip a criminial's liberties

    Lincoln saved the Union, brought back the South, ensured that something like that will never happen again, and abolished slavery. What is also impressive is that he acted as a general and came up with an actual strategy to defeat the confederates, in the anaconda plan. Ever since the genesis of America, the slavery question was being ignored. The country was expanding, and other people such as Henry Clay would only temporarily halt tensions regarding slavery. You even had the few Presidents before Lincoln who literally allowed things to get out of hand. Lincoln was the man who actually said "This is enough." He was the President who took on the challenge of finally solving the inevitable dispute that was lurking since the Constitution was being signed. As for the cons arguments, I see two main points: He took away liberties, led a bloody war, and abused his power. First of all, the confederates that he took away liberties from were criminals who no longer considered themselves part of the Union. Remember, it was technically not yet unconstitutional to secede from the Union, so it was unclear whether or not they should have been given rights such as habeus corpus. As for the second argument: the North wanted to abolish slavery. Uncle Tom's Cabin played a role in that. It wasn't just Lincoln. Had he not gone to war with the South, then we would only have half of a country today. The South was already armed with heavy artillery ready to fight against the North. So the man in charge should not be blamed for going down there and setting them straight, which is what the people wanted anyway. As for abusing his powers, most of that pertains to him stripping the criminals' rights, and like I said, they probably did not have those rights. And if he did not "abuse" his powers, the Civil War would not have been as efficient, and probably would have taken longer to finish, resulting in even more deaths.

  • Abraham Lincoln: The Right man for the Job

    Lincoln saved the union and freed the slaves. Many amateur historians erroneously blame him for the start of the war. What Lincoln knew, having a better sense of his own times than we do, was that the South was pushing inexorably to make slavery permanently legal, a binding part of the constitution itself. There would be no more compromise. All compromising presidents were considered ineffective and weak anyway. Like Pierce and Buchanan. Judge Andrew B. Taney proved the South's resolve with his decision in the Dredd Scott case. The South was always willing to fight to preserve slavery, and had shown outright violence against northerners in proving it. Lincoln had merely expressed the basic truth, that the Declaration of Independence was true. All men ARE created equal. Imagine that! That's what the amatuers say started the Civil War. Lincoln also showed, though, that he possessed the iron will and convictions to keep the union together by winning the war, and eradicating slavery altogether. But Lincoln was not just a great war president. He was the consummate wordsmith. He rallied a nation with his eloquence. His ability to nutshell the heart of democracy is unparalleled. If a lesser man had taken office, the South would probably have won a longer war, that killed even more Americans. The United States would have been fractured into two or more weakened nation-states. And it would probably have not been strong enough to have a major impact in winning either of the two world wars. Yes, Lincoln was the only man that could have done what few others in history could have accomplished. His achievements ended slavery much sooner than it would have otherwise. If Lincoln hadn't ended slavery, it would have lasted much longer, even if it did eventually die out, and blacks and other minorities would probably have had to wait much longer than the 1960s for a civil rights movement. This would have set nearly everyone's civil rights back, maybe 50 to 100 years, because the black civil rights movement fathered the other movements.

  • Modern Day Lincoln

    Not many other presidents have gotten the privilege to be on our televisions to entertain us. Lincoln, on the other hand, has been in several movies and books that we use in our daily lives. He has not just been a president in many. Recently, a movie came out called "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer," there are not many films that come out into theaters about history of our presidents, but Lincoln has succeeded in being the "USA"s greatest president and therefore deserves movies and books about his presidency.

  • Not by a long shot

    He may in fact be the most overrated president of all time though. He violated the Constitution by suspending habeus coprus and forcing the Southern states to stay, thereby violating their right to leave. People will argue that he ended slavery but this also is untrue. The emancipation proclamation only applied to the Southern states who didn't recognize him as president, and not the border states that had slaves. He even at one point made the claim that his number one goal was to keep the nation together and if ending slavery was how he should do it then so be it or if not ending slavery was the way to do it then he would do that.

  • No he was not the greatest

    He was an great president that had a huge impact on our lives today but he was definitely not the greatest. He burned down the south, showed a great disregard for civil liberates and probably caused a war that lead to an enormous death count because of his stubbornness. He also imprisoned those who spoke out against him and did not believe in his decisions.

  • Hell No.

    This is ridiculous.

    He started a war that cost over 3 million lives over an issue that would have withered away anyway. And he murdered many innocent people along the way.

    But that wasn't his only act of evil. He ordered bounties of Sioux tribesmens' heads.

    He elected generals who were complete scumbags who burned the South to the ground.

    He did many unconstitutional things. He suspended the writ of habeas corpus without the consent of Congress (as required by the Constitution).

    He had duly elected State representatives illegally jailed without charges. He locked up people who did not agree with him; dictatorial.

    He invaded the South without the consent of Congress as required by the Constitution, thats a war crime.

    He blockaded Southern ports without a delclaration of war, as required by the Constitution, thats another war crime.

    He confiscated private property, including firearms, in violation of the Second Amendment; and effectively gutted the Tenth and Ninth Amendments as well.

    He illegally deported a member of Congress after said congressman criticized his unconstitutional behavior.

    All and all, Lincoln was a dictatorial, unconstitutional scumbag who just loved power. He didn't care about freeing the slaves.

  • Great President, not the greatest.

    There is no doubt that Abraham Lincoln was an incredible man and president alike, yet there cannot be the highest praise for a man that ripped a country apart. Almost all presidents after Lincoln would have done no different, but because of the events and context of his presidency, it can be argued that all he did was start a war against an obvious evil that most nations had already abandoned. He set divisions and extreme sectionalism that still exist today. Also, Lincoln did nothing towards efforts of reformation after slavery while expanding the executive power during his reign. I believe either FDR, Tommy Jeff, and G Dubbs deserve some recognition in the greatest category. All respect Abe!

  • There is no greatest.

    As many have stated, it is hard to measure the repercussion, let alone a standard to allow comparisons. There is no true criteria, and to be objective would be to eliminate preferences, understand context that would easily eliminate the need of buttressing actions with one's own political credos. I would still nominate Lincoln as one of the best presidents, but there's a vague criteria for THE best that I wouldn't want to cross without my personal preferences and measurements getting in my way.

  • No.

    Abraham Lincoln was a great president, having played a major role in the abolishing of slavery. But he was not necessarily the best. I think the question should be "Was Abraham Lincoln a good president?" I would vote yes to that question. otherwise, Ronald Reagan was my favorite.

  • What...?

    Completely unconstitutional and abused rights. He imprisoned or silenced people who apposed him and was probably racist (yes). He sent people to prison without a trial and was never justified in his attacking the south (which was not to end slavery.) He cost us an enormous amount of deaths in the war and slavery would have ended any way. He also largely increased the governments authority. Power monger.

  • Average. Not greatest.

    Lincoln did mantained the Union together, but not in the right way. We needed a Henry Clay not a Andrew Jackson. The South was being oppresed. He should
    have helped them no matter if he was a Northerner. Slavery was wrong and it had to be abolished, but by another way. My favorite President was Washington and Reagan.

  • He was not the best president ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He started the civil war. He could have negotiated with the south. A good president would have prevented a civil war. He shot the first shot at the fort Sumter in south Carolina. He sent troops their for just to end slavery. If you could have given slavery 50 years or so. The mechanism and everything. That right there could have ended slavery.

  • Slavery Was Going Away Anyway

    He just made it worse by throwing all that out the window and pushing for a war. Slavery may be bad, but killing hundred of thousands of Americans for this cause is just as bad. He may have went down as being "great", but he didn't even believe in what he was fighting for, so... No.

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