Was Adolf Hitler a good leader and partially good person?

Asked by: Arien.Ray
  • I believe he was.

    Hitler has done terrible things, as we all know.
    But he has done some good as a leader of a country. Lets start with some things he has done as the Fuhrer of Germany.

    1.Rebuilt Germany's economy and infrastructure in less than 4 1/2 years
    In December 1933 the Reich Anticancer Committee was founded to better organize and coordinate the nationwide research towards cancer. A lot of attention was being paid to preventive medicine, especially early detection. Later on, even more emphasis was laid upon prevention.

    In the middle of the 1933's, 6 to 10 percent of all dead bodies in Germany were subjected to autopsy, giving statisticians the opportunity to analyze cancer rates.

    In 1936 a study based on the autopsy figures of about 125,000 men (an impressive figure, it was the largest study of its kind anywhere in the world) was ready, showing that 18 percent of German men had died from cancer.

    Hitler also initiated a war against this evil thing. Smoking got banned more and more, except in the Army. He or Himmler later admitted that was a mistake, but the initial reason was to keep moral high.

    Due to the measures and propaganda against the use of tobacco, up till the 1950's the huge drop in cancer rates, compared with other countries, was visible. Hitler saved thousands of lives.

    4.Child Labor
    April 30, 1938: Youth Protection Law: also later on, children and young mothers got barred from working under specific circumstances.

    4. Alcohol
    Different measures were taken to i.e. the 1940 "Operation Tea", in which the consumption of non-alcoholic beverages at work was stimulated by sending all factories were workers worked under high temperature circumstances were supplied with tea.

    5.Healthy food
    German bakeries were required to produce whole-grain bread.

    Healthy food was marked with the seal of approval of the NSDAP's Office of Public Health.

    Meat vs. Vegetables: "Too much meat can make you sick", suggesting soybeans as subsitutes for meat, etc.

    6.-held 2 successful Olympics in 1936

    7.While in power his country created
    -vast technological advances in Jet tech
    -1st Ecological Laws
    -banned animal experimentation
    -made unemployment extremely low
    - Crimes were virtually non-existent

    I have nothing more to say.

  • He was a liar and a murderer

    Hitler came to power largely because he appealed to people's fears of famine. Germany had experienced famine in World War 1. Hitler claimed that without "Lebensraum" Germany would wind up with another famine. This was false. Agricultural technology was sufficient to provide plenty of food. But when people pointed that out Hitler said those were lies perpetuated by "the Jews".

    So he singled out Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals,... As scapegoats so if someone questioned his ideas he could just say "that lie originated with those people!"

  • He was a Murder but people loved him back then.

    We all know what made Hitler Unpopular, Holocaust, domination of Europe, and the human experiments in the concentration camps. But why was Hitler so popular during the start of the Nazi Germany? Back then Germany lost during the first world war. And The people were impressed of him when he was able to break the treaty of Versailles.

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Thescarecrow066 says2015-09-15T00:34:06.033
If he had not murderoed so many people and or raised a cult then yes he would have been fine