Was American involvement in the Vietnam War justified?

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  • Whether we were fighting for our rights of fear of Vietnam being full of Communists we fought in the war.

    We have a wall of remembrance what else do we have survivors. We fought hard in the war so we are part of that war.We were justified in that war. Ask the survivors. Most indefinitely. We are strong because of that war. So yes we did drop out but the war is over and is a great tragedy.

  • United States was Justified

    After two US destroyers were attacked in the Bay of Tonkin they finally decided that they should take the war personally and side against communism. They had made it a point to involve their military forces in previous wars against communism and many countries expected their involvement in the Vietnam War because it had become like an obligation to the United States to protect the rights of helpless countries from the growing communist threat. They were one of the many countries against communism but, they were one of the few countries that were fighting wars over it. This left them with little choice as they must either get involved in the war or watch as communism spread due to the lack of physical opposition.

  • Us involvement is justified

    The reason the Us entered the Vietnam war was to stop the spread of communism from Vietnam to other Asian countries. And we prevented it from spreading to these other countries! Even though Vietnam is communist, we did hold off the north Vietnamese from capturing other countries and forcing them to become communist.

  • America: Fully Justified

    If it hadn't been for the Americans then the vietnamese would've surely lost and might of still been colonized today by the French. American lives were lost but freedom comes at a price qnd that is something that has been repeated for centuries. God bless America for their involvement in freedom.

  • Search and Destroy

    Although the front for the Vietnam "conflict" was to stop the spread of communism, in reality we were simply testing new tactics and technologies that we believed would put us well ahead of the USSR if the Cold War went hot. Also it would give us a combat trained officer core that would give the US a massive edge in leadership on the battlefield. That would have been a totally unique advantage mind you. More to the point we used search or seek and destroy tactics to selectively inflict massive casualties in pinpoint conflicts that generally led to huge losses of valuable materiel along with the trained or specialized crews. Unfortunately the US was out to prove a misguided point as well, which for the militarily educated really serves as the only reason to disapprove of the war. We wanted to show the communists that we were willing to sacrifice men and money on a rather "pointless" cause if you will. Had our worst Cold War nightmares come to reality the war would have been anything but pointless, but seeing that it didn't, our willing sacrifice looks as vein as it really was. I fully agree with our war in Vietnam from a Military perspective, but seeing as how it was presented to the public, and remembering all the misguided lies that we're told, it's hard to agree beyond that. To add to all the chaos that the war caused, we had a largely uneducated public in terms of global military conflict, so trying to explain a tactical war to a group that is ignorant to the specific uses of said war is pointless. Especially when there were radical leftist a supporting a mislead public.

  • It was justified

    We were justified because we were trying to show people that we were not going to just nit protect what is ours. We didn't want the world to have any more communist. We were thinking about what would be the best for the future. So the united states were justified.

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  • No It Wasn't

    They had no reason to be there. Vietnam did not even ask for help. Also, there was a giant anti-war movement going on back home so they weren't making any body happy or proud. It was generally President Nixon's fault because he extended the war just to win and be president, because of his promise to "End" the Vietnam "War"

  • Probably not looking at the people that served

    The few soldiers I know that were in that war have had terrible post traumatic stress.

    It was a long hard fought battle that would have better served though avoiding it all together, it hurt the country and caused many problems here at home.

    I think the world then and now would have been better if some agreements would have been made during that time with Vietnam instead of going to war with them.

  • No, what war is ever justified?

    When is war ever justifable? Vietnam was never an offically declared war. It was not worth killing over 50,000 Americans for the sake of patriotism, power, and money. War is not needed to prove any patriotism. The draft was active during this time, too, which took a toll on many families. War hurts everyone. It is not needed to promote patriotism.

  • No, The U.S. Involvement in Viet Nam was not justified

    What started out as a police action ended up as a 23-year undeclared war that killed 58,000 Americans. It was simply a war for the sake of the military/industrial complex. Eisenhower said that an economy built on war is bound to fail, and that is what the U.S. has economy built on war, where the military/industrial complex controls how we spend our money. There was nothing to gain from the toll that Viet Nam took on our country. It scarred us in ways that can never be healed. Having grown up in the Viet Name era, I can truly so no, this war was not justified for any reason other than to line the pockets of the military industrialists.

  • No, America's involvement in the Vietnam War was politically motivated

    I do not believe that the United States' involvement in the Vietnam War was justifiable, but rather a politically motivated strategy and an attempt to gain an edge in the Cold War against the Soviet Union and its communist allies. Vietnam, at no point, served as a viable threat to the United States or its allies.

  • American involvement in the Vietnam war was fundamentally unjustifiable

    There are two main reasons for American involvement in the Vietnam war, to counteract the spread of Communism, and to test their superior firepower. Yet their justification for this was to protect the democracy of South Vietnam, however in denying the people's right to independence and to determine their own government, the most basic tenets of Human Rights and democracy, America destroyed their moral integrity for the justification of this war. Despite America's perceived need to protect themselves and Western society from the spread of communism, they were unjustified in their involvement in the war.

  • We lost the war

    The Vietnam war was a huge loss for the united states and we did not even wanted to talk about it or even remember it. It was almost close to an embarrassment as Americans since we lost a war we thought we were gonna win. I guess you could say we were really cocky

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