Was Antonio Sabato Jr. right to question Barack Obama's religious affiliation?

  • Yes, why not?

    Obama has retreated the U.S, fleet completely from the Middle East and moved it to the South China sea under the pretext of containing China. But in reality, he purposely leaves a void in the Middle East to facilitate the rise of Islam. Look at Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq. Now it's Turkey on the verge of turning into an Islamic state. Iraq war can be judged differently, but there's no doubt that Bush has left Obama a good hand in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Middle East has a real chance of changing to democracy But Obama has sabotaged Bush's accomplishment and created a whole mess to facilitate the rise of Islam.

  • No, he was not right to question the president's religious affiliation.

    Antonio Sabato Jr. was not right to question President Obama's religious affiliation. The president's religious views are a private matter, and nobody's business. However, Sabato has every right to question the president's policies and leadership. Furthermore, Sabato can criticize Obama for failed policies that have left millions of people with declining economic opportunities, and a sense of feeling less secure.

  • No, Sabato JR was not right to question Obama's religion.

    No, it was not right to question the president's religious affiliation. America has a separation of church and state, so the president's religion should have nothing to do with him ruling our country. I do not believe what Obama believes in affects his ability to be a good president and make worthy decisions.

  • No, it's completely unfounded.

    Not only is Antonio Sabato's accusation baseless, but it also doesn't matter at all. So what if President Obama is a Muslim? There is (supposedly) freedom of religion in the United States, so a Muslim person can be president. Having said that, there is no reason to believe that Obama is a Muslim. He was formerly accused of being a member of a church headed by a supposedly racist reverend, and more recently he has been accused of being a Muslim. All of it is probably nonsense.

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