• I think so.

    To call it a Dutch invention is ignorance at best, stupidity (more like George Carlin's term for stupid people) at best. Apartheid started under English rule, not Dutch rule. South Africa in 1948 was still an English colony. Even Apartheid sounds like an Anglo-Saxon (literally) word rather than a Dutch, which is a language more evolved from Roman and French influence (since parts of the Netherlands were indeed part of the Roman Republic). I think many of the founders of South African independence were inherently against Apartheid. And it's not coincidental because the English were the same people who instated Jim Crow in the Americas. And Denmark did the same kinda thing to the Icelanders. There's lots of evidence to suggest that Jim Crow is indeed an English invention.

  • Umm no it was started by us, the Afrikaners

    The dutch had nothing to do with the Apartheid, neither did the British. The Apartheid got started by us, the Afrikaners. In 1948, the National Party won the elections and they came into power. That is when Mr. Verwoerd announced the Apartheid. The British or the Dutch never played a role in the Apartheid plus if they did they would have abolished it much earlier, since the British are really good at giving up easily.

  • Twas the dutch

    Although the English also carried with them a certain vibe of being the more dominant race it was the Dutch/Afrikaner that truly inspired apartheid and actually set up the government which officially empowered it. Of course the English had a helping hand in the matter but it was started and executed by the Dutch who like the Germans viewed themselves as the Master Race

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