• Attack in Orlando was domestic terrorism

    The attack in Orlando was domestic terrorism. The perpetrator pledged his allegiance to radical Islamist and publicly supported groups such as ISIS. The fact that he was troubled and had psychological issues does not change it from terrorism. In speaking to the police during the attack, he stated his support for radical Islam.

  • Yes, it was!!!

    When I was reading the news post, I was full of anger! That criminal named Omar Mateen said that he shot the people in the club just because he think gays are disgusting! He really has Homophobia and it became a hatred violence.
    I really have no idea what the people who hate the LGBT people are thinking about!
    LGBT people just want to be themselves, and some of the "majority" treat them like trashes, even kill them just because they make them uncomfortable?! It completely has no sense!
    I really want to ask them: "Have you been raped by a gay(or a lesbian)?", if they say:"No.", it really has no reason to hate the LGBT people. Omar Mateen is also an American citizen, and he has done such as a terrible thing, really shamed on him.
    To sum up, that is domestic terrorism.

  • Technically, yes it was

    The man who carried out the Orlando attack was a US born citizen, so to be technical, this was an act of domestic terrorism. However, it has been said that he had claimed an allegiance to ISIS during the attack, which also makes him part of a larger group that is a threat to the world.

  • Yes, I believe that the attack in Orlando was domestic terrorism.

    Yes, I believe that the attack in Orlando was domestic terrorism because the killer Omar Mateen was an American citizen and had been married to an American woman. Although Mateen dialed 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS before committing the massacre, there is no conclusive evidence that he had any direct contact with ISIS operatives.

  • No, Orlando shooting suspect Identified as Omar Mateen, Registered Democrat Of Afghan Descent; pledged Allegiance to ISIS.

    It has to do with some people being isolated in society and frustrated . They are delusional and they search for anything that might give them answers to their emotional problems. Religion sometimes does this. This guy could have joined the KKK or Aryan Brotherhood or Communist party.
    These people follow demagogues because the demagogues give them answers to their frustration of being isolated and segregated from main stream society.

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