• Yes, he loved her but delt with his own demons as well.

    Bobby Brown is suspect as the one who introduced Whitney to drugs and was violent toward Whitney. He also says that he still loves her. The trouble is defining love. Who's point of view are we talking about? Many would say how could he love her and do so much bad to her? The truth is that both of them were dealing with deep troubles and Brown's acts toward Houston were to exert power and also simply because of drugs. This is not an excuse for abusive behavior, but it is also not to say that he did love her while all of this happened. It is much like a Jekyll and Hide situation in which there are two sides to a person.

  • Yes, the couple demonstrated being truly in love at first

    Yes, Bobby Brown was really in love with Whitney Houston, and at first this was apparently obvious, and they continued to have children. The domestic violence that ensued between the couple does not suggest that they weren't in love, but instead that Browns emotions, caused by love and anger, got the best of him. Their eventual divorce was due, but does not mean he didn't love her.

  • He definately loved her

    Bobby Brown certainly loved Whitney Houston. He just had a problem with drugs and his best side didn't always show. There was evidence of abuse, but that doesn't mean he didn't love her. Abusing another person is never okay, but unfortunately drugs make a person do things they shouldn't or wouldn't normally do.

  • Bobby Brown may have really been in love with Whitney Houston

    Bobby Brown may have really been in love with Whitney Houston, but who really cares? Elitist love stories like this are so hap-hazzard and fly by night that what might be love is really a passing infatuation. Why people even care about this stuff is beyond me anyway? Don't people have better things to do than praise the hollywood elite?

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