• He is the best

    He is very fast , he can kick in 300ms ( check youtube ) , strong ( he can not use ordinary sandbag because he will break it ( check google) , he created jeet kune do, he won the america karate championship , he kicked racism, and many others, just check more information yourself.

  • Mind mind mind

    HE was clever person. Physical training was important for him .J j j. J j j . . . .V. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . ?.. I

  • Mind mind mind

    HE was clever person. Physical training was important for him .J j j. J j j . . . .V. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . ?.. I

  • The man the myth.

    Bruce was that good he developed his own fighting style which is jeet kune do. Perfected his body , speed and power. A true master of The arts And tradition in which has inspired all of us even to this day. That is why he is the best and there will never be any one else like him.

  • MartialArtist isnt Fighter!!!

    In Martial Arts as total package of theoretical stuff (knowledge about different arts/styles), practical stuff (speed, power, agility etc.), unarmed, weapons, philosophy etc., he is the leading candidate for being the greatest MAist.
    BUT: This doesn´t mean he was a "fighting legend", he was not! Figher and MAist not same.

  • Elite athlete, speed beyond anyone else, power, timing, technique. Bruce had the best teachers possible in wing chun . Ip Man and Wong Shun Leung.

    Joe Lewis said : Bruce Lee was the greatest Martial artist in his opinion. He could hit like a heavy weight, he was the fastest man that ever stood in front of him. Bruce knew when you weren't ready but you never knew when he would pull the trigger(non telegraphic).
    Jim Kelly said that Bruce Lee was the greatest martial artist that ever lived in his opinion. He was untouchable.

  • The best period.

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  • I was ther

    I am now 86 years old and i was there when Lee declared he could finish a fight in One minute. My teacher was a student of IP Man and from the master's mouth, he said Lee was his greatest student. The movies you watch of Lee are nothing to seeing him in real life. The greatest flames die out fast.
    God bless my friend. Here is was the greatest fighter an innovator of his time. And yes i am still practicing moves you showed me!!

  • Just a Inquisitor

    Just reading what people had said and I went to the top of the page and clicked yes I agree . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Like water is to a tap that was Bruce Lee.

    There are some very good fighter's out there but Bruce Lee was a natural street fighter .He would go out and look to fight in the bars and rough area's just to practice on real opponents. He knew no rules. His fitness level unsurpassed even by today standards.
    His speed even in the movies he was told often to slow it down . No matter how good an opponent was
    he would always catch them out with blow they didn't see coming. So speed, fitness level and skill he will always be the Greatest matial artist.

  • Bruce lee actor

    If you believe Bruce lee is the greatest.
    Then why not say Rambo was the greatest soldier of all time?
    The greatest fighter ever who never fought?
    Bruce lee attacked tradition and nationality because he was a universalist. "We are all the same nonsense".
    One world order chants.
    I don't believe one phoney word out of him.
    I use to believe in his crap but I got wise.

  • Bruce lee is best but can't defeat many people

    A recent issue of "Black Belt" magazine was devoted to Bruce Lee (born Li Jun-Faan and called Li Sai-Lung in Hong Kong movies). As Joe Lewis pointed out in that issue, Bruce Lee never competed in any full-contact bouts, so he was only an actor. His real ability is thus a subject of speculation. It is a sure bet that many men in history have been much better than Bruce was. Some are men you never heard of. Oyama Masutatsu popularized karate in the 1950's,and he could easily beat Bruce, if both men were in their prime. Mas killed a bull with his bare hands. Wang Hsu-Chin of China was a great martial artist that amateurs never heard of. Karate masters broke their hands on his hard body. The master of Toad style in the 5 Venoms becomes invulnerable, and Wang Sifu and I achieved a great degree of that. Bruce Lee would only hurt his hands and feet striking a Toad master. Bruce was only 5'-6" his cousin said and weighed 135# in top shape (125-150 at times and even 165 when bodybuilding), so there is no way he could beat men much bigger and stronger. Many wild tales have been told about Bruce, so many men see only the legend and have no idea what the real Bruce was like. Some think Achilles was a real man in the 1194-1184BCE Trojan war, but he was not really 13.5 feet tall and 2300#. One sees how tales grow ever more fantastic about a man who becomes a legend. By the time Bruce has been around as long as Achilles, he may be 13.5' tall too. Bruce would not give Oyama Sensei or Wang Sifu a decent workout.

  • Yes, Bruce was an extraordinary fighter indeed. But others may have surpassed him, like his teacher for instance.

    Like for instance Bruce Lee was a good fighter, but only in a certain area of martial arts. There are still other types he doesn't know or mastered. So from some stand points Bruce Lee would be the best. I think that the title for the best martial artist ever born would belong to Yip Man (Ip Man). Who happened to teach Bruce Lee. Even then, Bruce wasn't Yip Man's best pupil that title would belong to Chow Kwong-yue. If Chow Kwong-yue didn't eventually go into commerce, he might've been better than Bruce. Also there are many more fighters which have gotten admiral statuses in the world of martial arts. Such as Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Jackie Chan, Tony Jaa, and others I have yet to mention.

  • Well, not really...

    You see, Bruce Lee is quite amazing. I mean, I am a Bruce Lee fan myself, but there are other artists too, such as Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Ip Chun, and all those others. And by the way, Bruce Lee only covered Jeet Kun Do, but not other good arts, such as Wing Chun, Jiu Jitsu, Wushu, Taekwondo, Karate, and the rest,

    Than, You

  • You can't say best because he isn't here anymore,

    People need to realise that martial arts is like a strategy game one wrong move can cost big time, I will admit bruce Lee is one of a kind, instead of saying he is the best try to look at the perspective that if he had lived longer, imagine what his style of martial arts would be these days in the world today! One of his quotes says "don't waste a punch, throw it when it's needed, and be like water, it is nothing yet so powerful. He is one of the smartest fighters of all time

  • Have you researched this subject?

    Jeet Kune Do covered every style Bruce ever learned, and that's including Taekwondo, JiuJitsu, Wing Chun, Krav Maga, Boxing, etc. It has been prestiged by many top martial artists as the most dangerous yet most efficient style in the world. Plus, with Bruce's blinding speed you weren't even able to read his movements. Bruce's signature sidekick wasn't a Jeet Kune Do technique, it derived from the Korean art of Taekwondo. So there's some proof there. And Bruce was constantly adding new movements and techniques to his style as he learned more. Try researching sometime, it could really help a lot.

  • Are you joking?

    My involvement in that tournament was part of a plan, launched in 1975, to infiltrate the criminal organizations that organized the fights. The original idea was to participate in the Kumite tournament and make a few contacts. We initially assumed I would lose, but eventually I became one of the best Kumite fighters to ever participate in the event.
    -Frank Dux (Martial Arts Magazine)

    Frank Dux participated in an event that has resulted in death, for some of it's participants. This was no sparring competition. It was full contact. No gloves. No pads. No holds barred. It was the real deal, in every way. Not only did he win, he defended his title several times in a row. What did Bruce do? He stared in some movies. I believe that Frank Dux was one of the best of all time. He has earned that title, and paid the price for it. He's a beat up cripple now, from those fights. That's how brutal they were.

  • Strength, speed, and agility

    How could you even say such? Lee was a man with god given powers, please look up his superhuman feats: Dragon flag, 2 fingered pushups 50 one arm pull ups, etc. The guy tested his reflexes by throwing rice in the air and catching it withy chopsticks. He was so incredibly strong that he needed a 300 lbs punching bag with some type of metal coating. All other bags just broke. If you have seen the avengers you would see that Captain America broke punching bags by hitting them with incredible strength: But here is a fact, Bruce Lee did that first. Here you are talking about the UFC fighters. Did you see the new UFC game that came out? Oh yea Bruce Lee was in it. The UFC President said that most of the fighter's role model was Lee. Some claim that lee even created that MMA, and UFC (Not that I agree). Lee was the best, and is the best. All these other martial artists are good, like Jackie Chan and such, but even most of them had lee as their role model some time or another in their lifetime. Bruce Lee was a stone F**king wall, and these master you said who have bodies of steel would have a hard time against Lee. Bruce Lee dislocated a guy's arm by slapping his shoulder. His power to weight ratio was crazy, he could curl more than his actual weight. He was adding because he was an original, he came up with his own stuff, he wasn't like other martial artists who followed, Lee was a leader.

  • For his time.

    His last movie was to highlight the need for mixed martial arts. Had he lived he may have evolved into the best. The dawn of the U.F.C. Was the beginning of the greatest evolution in martial art since a monk watched a snake eons ago. The evolution was so fast that even the Gracies were left in its dust. Bruce would have love what has become but the best has to be one of the next generation champions. Not kickboxers who learn to grapple or vica versa. Silva had loads of natural talent but relied on that natural ability over form. Right this minute I think that sacred title goes to G.S.P. He has no holes in his game. There will come someone else who started day one, 10yrs old doing full mix, grapple, striking, submissions. Watch Rory MacDonald. He's youg and getting better.

  • Bruce Lee is the Most Influential but not the most powerful

    Bruce Lee was trash. I could probably even beat him in a fight. The only reason people say he is good is because he was an actor and he made it popular. Still, the likes of Jorge shurty and Yamikash Yukiop could have destroyed him without difficulty. There is no way he is the best.

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