• Bush's speech in Dallas was incredibly meaningful

    George W. Bush gave a heartfelt speech at the memorial service for the Dallas officers who were fatally shot by a sniper. The former President was visibly shaken by what had happened. This emotion was definitely conveyed in his speech, making it one to remember both for everyone involved and for everyone who watched it afterwards.

  • Bush nailed it.

    President Bush's speech in Dallas was memorable because it was heartfelt and genuine. He didn't use the opportunity to say anything political, and he didn't take sides. Instead, he showed respect for the officers that were lost and their families. You could tell he is truly mourning as part of the Dallas community.

  • No, Bush's speech in Dallas was not very memorable.

    No, I don't feel that Bush's speech was very memorable, even though he did say some good things. I feel that in light of the escalating violence, words are insufficient. Instead, Congress needs to be working hard to change policies. Bush's speech will be forgotten quickly and will do little to change the problems we are currently facing.

  • No, I still remember his disregard for black lives during Katrina.

    It was good that he saluted the fallen cops, but they're only half of the equation in this issue. Black people are routinely killed for no good reason by cops. That never justifies that attack on the Dallas cops, but in a time of need for healing and possible racial unity or at least dialogue, a President responsible for neglecting so many in need in New Orleans is not the one to do it.

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