• Yes, Dollar Shave Club had raised over $160 million in venture capital funding, most recently last November at a $539 million valuation.

    Dollar Shave Club founder and CEO Michael Dubin will continue to run the company, which will operate its direct-to-consumer razor business as an independent entity. The acquisition should help Dollar Shave Club expand faster into new geographies (it’s currently in three countries), and significantly improve its distribution abilities in existing markets.

  • Yes, it was.

    The dollar shave club has been a great business and has become very popular. For Unilever it is a great buy because they are knocking out a major competitor. It is not clear if the dollar shave club will continue to be popular or will get more expensive for consumers.

  • Yes, Unilever buying Dollar Shave Club was a great idea

    Unilver buying Dollar Shave Club was a great idea. Dollar Shave Club has an excellent business model, where customers buy toiletries via a monthly subscription. Buy purchasing Dollar Shave Club, Unilever can sell its products to Dollar Shave Club's customers. This allows Unilver to get its products in more homes and likely make more money.

  • Yes, Unilever has the potential to make a large turnover.

    The Dollar Shave Club has been wildly popular. As such, it has made a lot of profit. Unilever buying the Dollar Shave Club was a good decision because of the money they will make in return. Unilever also has the funding backing them if they ever chose to flesh out the brand more. They could launch a sizable advertising campaign and bring even more awareness to an already well-known name. Thus increasing the potential earnings even more.

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