• The Coolest President

    He valued economic freedom as much as personal freedom, and advocated limited government. What is not to like about that, sure there have been larger personalities that have taken the oath of office, but Coolidge is the Constitutional president poster boy. Unlike most presidents he actually believed the Constitution should be followed and not ignored.

  • Leave Me Alone

    "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration has been hiding my own business." - Calvin Coolidge. He attempted shrink the government, starting with his own position. A great lead by example president. Do as I say, because its what I do type. We need more like him.

  • Silent Cal was great

    Yes, Calvin Coolidge did a lot for the United States, because he helped the United States into an era of a good economy. Coolidge didn't boast about his achievements, but on the sidelines, he made the economy more free so that business could prosper. Coolidge's leadership put people to work and kept America at peace. For these reasons he was the best president ever.

  • Coolidge was not the best president ever

    No knock on Calvin Coolidge, he did many great things during his presidency. However, there are several other presidents who would rank higher than him, even if there is no real number one. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, the Roosevelts, all had a huge impact on America. Barack Obama also rates above Coolidge.

  • Better Presidents in US

    It is a bit oversimplifying to consider any one president the best president ever. The fact that the great depression happened almost immediately after him is especially not a cause to deem him as even one of our better presidents. There were other presidents that caused more social change and made important strides in American history.

  • Calvin Coolidge was not the best president

    Coolidge as VP took the office of president on the sudden death of Warren Harding and was elected into a second term. He was an advocate for smaller government and the middle class. He was able to restore confidence in the presidency after years of scandal but he was not the best president in history.

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