• He was right

    Britain was not ready for a war it had no sure allies except france who was also not ready for war. It did not have the backing of its people to save the chez. Long story short brittan could not afford a war and the prime minister did a good job of getting time so they could prepare.

  • Of course he was right

    If it wasn't for his appeasement England and France would have lost the war they were not ready for another war, they did not have the weapons the ammunition and the men for the war and appeasement gave them time to get all of those things and prepare for war. Churchill said Appeasement is like feeding a alligator in the hopes it will eat you last, appeasement gave them time to get ready.

  • What else was there to do?

    Hitler was crazy with power at this stage of the war and would do anything to get more. If Chamberlain had refused Hitler in his requests he would have started the war earlier. Britain needed as much time as possible to prepare munitions, soldiers and supplies for the war and so Chamberlain needed to bide some time out of the Germans who were hungry for war. The British also could not be 100 percent sure that Hitler would back out of the agreement and so they were grasping at straws to maintain peace rather than making a decision that would throw them into war.

  • Duh he was wrong to use appeasement

    Appeasement gave Hitler power and Chamberlain let it go too far, if they had stopped Hitler at the beginning the Holocaust could have been avoided. Chamberlain was just afraid and didn't want to stand up to the bully, and being foolish for thinking Hitler would stop after signing a piece of paper.

  • Rewarding the Devils

    Forget about the fact that the Chamberlain's appeasement of Germany led to World War Two for a moment, and focus on this fact. Germany had just recently brought the entire world into one of the most devastating times in all of history, so what does Chamberlain decide to do? He fears the Nazis, Hitler, and all of Germany, and as a result, grants them this territory (Sudetenland), attempting to avoid any further conflict, for now. However, imagine what you are thinking if you are a member of the Nazi party, especially their leader Adolf Hitler. Your country has just brought destruction and devastation to the entire world, and as a result, you are given a new, additional territory. From their perspective, it seemed as though they were being rewarded for their awful actions, so Hitler thought, "Hey, might as well go into war once again if all that's gonna happen is that were gonna obtain more territory"

  • Chamberlain was not right to use appeasement.

    Obviously, appeasement led to the Second World War. If Britain had not appeased the Germans, they never would have gotten so powerful. In retrospect, we know that Hitler could never be appeased, and he would only seek to annex ever more territories. In this case, appeasement was a terrible idea.

  • Chamberlain Was Wrong to Use Appeasement

    It was wrong for Neville Chamberlain to appease Adolf Hitler. If Chamberlain would have stood firm and followed the Versailles Treaty, he would have kept his own integrity and that of the treaty. It may not have mattered either way if Chamberlain appeased Hitler or not because Hitler was on a rampage to do whatever he wanted no matter what.

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