• Clinton Willingly Accepts Slap on Wrist from FBI

    Hillary Clinton knows she got off lightly following the outcome of an FBI investigation into the email scandal she is currently embroiled in. I am sure that she would just like to put the whole thing behind her and move on, and focus instead on the upcoming election. Considering the circus Clinton has been put through lately, her comments that she thought the FBI had done great work almost seemed sarcastic, but I think it was the right thing to say.

  • No, Hillary Clinton was not justified in her response to the FBI Director.

    Hillary Clinton's response to the FBI Director's congressional testimony was not justified. Clinton should be thankful that the FBI decided not to recommend charges, because many believe she is guilty of crimes. Clinton should have acknowledged that she made mistakes and vow not to make them again. Instead, she just dismissed the FBI Director's remarks on the situation.

  • No, she was not justified

    Nothing about her actions can be considered justified, right, or professional. She has flip-flopped on whether her people have handled documents correctly, and she has flip-flopped over whether she was aware or unaware of the risks being taken. The FBI should have acted more harshly against her, yet they were meek, thus Clinton truly has no need to complain.

  • No, Hillary Clinton was not justified in her response to the testimony of FBI Director James Comey about her handling of her emails.

    No, Hillary Clinton's response to James Comey's testimony about her emails was not justified. She has lied repeatedly to the American people and to government investigators about how her emails were handled, and it is surprising that she believes the right approach is to come out in the media and try to downplay it again.

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