• Smart phone adicted.

    I know that gme is adictively interesting cause' it is relistic and kids terribly likes it. Their are also problem with endanger but their are one more problem.It's gamers' health and life.When they adictied and play it a lot, they're health will be become bad like eyes and brains also it can interupt academics.

  • Endangers the public.

    When people are playing the game, they would be staring down at their phone and not pay attention to their surroundings. This is why creating the game in the first place was a bad idea. Two men recently wandered into Canada while playing the game. It endangers the public and that should not be.

  • You are dumb

    You decide whether you walk onto railroads and get run over. I have played the game without getting run over by a car or a train because I actually observation skills unlike you people. If I can use Pokemon go and not get killed, then you have no excuse for getting hurt by playing it because I was able to play it safely and since YOU decide if YOU want to play it and YOU decide if you walk onto a railroad, its YOUR fault, and I am SUPERIOR to you because I have more SKILL

  • Look at it from different angles

    1st off I just want to say to all of you that votes "yes", I understand why you are voting yes if that's your choice. But you always have to look at things from different angles. Yes we can say a lot of bad stuff about it but we can also say a lot of positive stuff about it. So let's start with the basic issues.
    1: Even more people are getting addicted to their phones than they were before
    2: People gets involved in accidents and crime
    3: Several people have and will find dead bodies.

    Yes all of those points above are to be taken into consideration. 1st off, people were in accidents before Pokémon, it's not Niantic's fault that people can't look up from their phone. A lot of people were already addicted to phones and those dead bodies that have been found while playing Pokémon would have been found sooner or later.
    While all of this is happening Niantic has gotten the result they wanted from it. People are more active, more outside and meets new people from it. All the other problems are from the people themselves. (The dead bodies would have been found sooner or later)

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