1972, the miami dolphins were undefeated and that was all because of Dan Marino. They finished their season 13-0, won all their playoff games, and they won the superbowl. They are the only team that has done that in all NFL history. If you are a Patriots fan currently, you are most likely a BANDWAGON. Which is someone who changes their favorite team by whoever is winning. A long time ago the patriots were terrible, nobody liked them, except their true fans. Now more people like them, just because they are good. Those people are Bandwagons. Like you!!! Anyways, Dan Marino is the best NFL quarterback ever.

  • From a Talent Perspective, it's a Non-argument.

    Being a dolphins fan has been painful. Being a Marino fan, has not. I have never seen, to this day, a quarterback who did more with less on his team. Sure, he had the marks early on. But he was still awesome with an aging Mark Ingram, and a newly added Irving Fryer. Then awesome with O.J. McDuffie. No running game, no Jerry Rice, no Marvin Harrison, no Reggie Wayne, no Heinz Ward, no Michael Irvin, no hall of fame wide out. A single thousand yard rusher in his 17 year career. Only 4 times in those 17 years, did he have a top ten defense.

    It was all on him.

    When people played the Dolphins, they knew Marino would throw, they designed defenses to stop his receivers, and complex blitz schemes to stop him, and he'd still throw all over them. His teams were always rebuilding, and he still made the dolphins competitive every year, in a hard fought A.F.C East, arguably the toughest A.F.C division through the late 80's to the mid 90's.

    He's second all time for 4th quarter comebacks, over all but one of the quarterbacks people list as better than him. More than Favre. More than Elway. More than Montana. Think about those players, and the teams they had, the hall of famers who played with them, then reread that stat. Marino had more 4th quarter comebacks than all of them.

    Probably because he didn't have hall of famers winning games for him when he played badly. If the Dolphins lost, it's because Marino didn't throw enough td's. If they won, it's because he did. And he did it with players no one remembers.

    With current pass interference rules, and pass oriented offenses, he would dominate today. Quickest release, a keen ability to read defenses, and an ability to seemingly 'will' the ball to any receiver in any coverage he wanted. With consistent talent, a modern day offensive coordinator, and a better defense, this wouldn't even be a debate. It would be a vote asking if Brett Favre, Joe Montana, or Payton Manning was second best.

    No one player, outside of Barry Sanders, ever did more to keep his team competitive when the talent around them gave them no right to be. And, no one other than Marino, could have done anywhere near what he did, with the teams he had.

    Cause even most of those 'better' quarterbacks didn't do near what Marino did, even with the teams 'they' had.

  • None of the supporting cast made a difference like Dan Marino did.

    No Jerry Rice, no Roger Craig, no Ronnie Lott, no running game - should I go on? And the team still could not be stopped. He was the best ever. Just ask yourself, who would you start a franchise with if you had limited talent at all other positions? Dan Marino would be at the top of the list. The others won Super Bowls because their teams were good enough. Had Dan Marino had a team capable of winning the Super Bowl, he would have. There was no one better with his skill set, determination and abilities. Period.

  • Oh Yeah

    Morons point to his lack of a Super Bowl win as ammo for a no vote on this. Forgetting of course that QB's don't win Super Bowls...TEAMS win Super Bowls. He never had a running back nor did he ever have a good defense. Marino more than any other QB took the weight of every game on his shoulders. Hands down the very best.

  • Of course he was the best

    The most outstanding reason you doubters on the NO side are forgetting is that Dan broke and held all of these records before the current "Pass Interference" rule as we know today was implied. He didn't have "gimme's" like todays QB's get. 15 yrds. for a PI penalty is all you were granted for the penalty not getting you downfield like QB's of today get. He broke the records at a quicker rate than anybody else and He owned the most records at any one time any QB has ever owned! Hands Down the Best Passer to play the game. PERIOD!

  • Well, it's simple, because there's no one that's ever been better.

    I believe that Dan Marino was the best ever, since he holds almost every major quarterback record. He also single-handedly led the Dolphins to many successful seasons and a Super Bowl appearance, without any help. He carried his team every game, without a true running game and a bad defense, while Montana, Elway and Aikman always had All-Pro offensive lines, running backs and receivers.

    Posted by: InvincibleArden75
  • Marino would smash records even more so in today's NFL...

    What people don't realize is that when he broke records back in his time he didn't just squeak by on passing a record--he would shatter it! He revolutionized the position, he never ever had a defense to support him, he never had a running back, he never had a great tight end (Keith Jackson), and whats even more impressive is that he always made a mediocre team like the Dolphins look competitive enough to go far. He was the best period!

  • Todays Quaterbacks should not be in the running

    Everybody talks about superbowls...That is a team effort it takes every man on the field to win a superbowl ....So that counts little to none when a quaterback like Trent Dilfer or Brad Johnson can win.......The fair way to judge is how he compairs to the quaterbacks of the same era they played in and how much better than they are than he is or vice versa....So with dan you would do john elway, joe montanna, phil simms, boomer, etc.. And he beat all of them by 20 k except for john elway who was 10k less in yards ...Touchdowns hell he left with EVERY RECORD iN THE BOOK and it they lasted over a decade...If Tom Brady or any body else can have that type of domination of the record book when they leave in comparison to their peers ..Peers mind you who have the same rules same same medicine access...Then you can actually make a comparison Tom Brady is not really much better if at all than
    payton manning and not better than Aaaron Rogers...Id Say if Drew Breese had the consistancy in the front office and coaching as Tom Brady he would be even more spectactular he is a better quaterback as well.

  • Of course he is

    The fact that he is mentioned without have by far the best WR in NFL history Jerry Rice one of the few 2000 yard receivers Terrell Davis great defenses or any of that other stuff. He carried his team into the playoffs season after season and even to a Super Bowl. And the numbers speak for themselves he blows Montana, Young, Elway, Brady, and Manning away he just never had the teams around him that they did

  • Yes! No kidding!

    Dan Marino is the best QB of all time because he set records across the board, despite never having a decent OL, WR, or defense to back up his offense. Also, unlike (overrated) Joe Montana, he actually had ARM STRENGTH. Whenever someone says that a great QB can carry a team to a championship, I have yet to see it happen. Also, Marino was a true master of all the plays in Shula's book (see Marino comes back from 18 point defict and wins Jets game with fake spike, possibly the best play ever).

  • Dan Marino is not the best quarterback of all time, because he never won a Super Bowl.

    Dan Marino was an exceptional quarterback during his tenure with the Miami Dolphins, but he lacks the one thing that qualifies a player to be in the category of the best. Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl Championship, and lost many of the times that he had played in the playoffs during his career.

    Posted by: Tiana99
  • No, I never liked the team he was on, and have seen much better quarterbacks.

    I have seen many other quarterbacks. Those quarterbacks are more accurate, faster, and stronger. I have seen incredible plays and, at this time, I don't see him as the greatest. The greatest to me may not always be the same person. Different games and different abilities equal different outcomes. I haven't seen any games where he's impressed me a whole lot.

    Posted by: LimpingGustavo
  • Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins was not the all time best quarterback because he did not have a balanced running and passing game.

    Marino's knees were shot. He had leg problems even when he played college ball at the University of Pittsburgh. Therefore he could not scramble and run out of the pocket. The Dolphins were limited to a passing game all the years Marino was quarterback. A quarterback can hold an all time record for passing yards but if he cannot execute a running game, then he can not be the best quarterback of all time.

    Posted by: AbandonedDeangelo55
  • Just not good enough!

    Are you FINS fan really that blind? Tom Brady won 3 SUPER BOWLS with no name receivers. List the names of the guy's Brady was throwing to in those games, they were unknowns until Tom turned them into stars. But even with that said, how many of them will go into the HALL OF FAME with Tom Brady. Maybe Troy Brown!

  • Nope, not close

    I'm putting Dan Marino 5th on my all time QB list
    1. Joe Montana
    2. Tom Brady
    3. John Elway
    4. Brett Favre
    5. Dan Marino

    Here's my point, I'll concede that the Miami dolphins never gave him a defense. That could possibly be the reason he never won a Super Bowl. That is why he is not the best quarterback of all time, I think that's ludicrous.

  • No

    Tom Brady Isstatistics during his career, he was not able to win the Super Bowl. This means that he was not able to do enough to help his team win, despite amazing talent. John Elway, on the other hand, even though he lost the Super Bowl a few times, he was able to come back and propel his team to win the big one.

  • Dan Marino was not the best NFL quarterback ever, because there are more quarterbacks with better statistics.

    There are many other quarterbacks with similar and even more impressive statistics attached to their playing records, including Brett Favre and Peyton Manning. Similarly, it is difficult to compare modern quarterbacks with those playing near the game's inception. Records may not have been as impressive, but there were also only leather helmets, and only minimal padding, if any.

    Posted by: CurvyErich46
  • Dan Marino only had stats

    He never won the big one. Sure maybe his team sucked but the good QB's carry their team all the way. He will still have records, but records would be even better with championships. He deserves a top 10 spot, but not the best. If he brought home a few championships then we could argue he's the best.

  • Dan was fourth.

    Dan Marino had the quickest release, but if you watch Joe play you can tell that he is just a special player that we won't see again. He always found a way to win it when it counted and got the job done with four Super Bowl rings. Dan was fourth.

  • To InvincibleArden75

    Every major QB record? Are you kidding me? He never won a SB. Brett Favre has most of the career QB records which will go to Peyton Manning in a year or 2 if he can stay healthy. I think that he isn't even close to the top QBs, let alone the best. He's a top 10 at best.

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