• Wiesel has no tattoo.

    A-7713 is the number Wiesel has claimed to be tattooed on his arm, but the pictures clearly disprove this lie. He is not a holocaust survivor, and he claims to be one to sell his book and make money. This is clearly fraud, yet he won Nobel Peace Prize for it.

  • No he is not.

    A fraud? Denying he went through one of the most horrifying experiences of his life? He is not a fraud, he was a holocaust survivor. And I really hate when holocaust denying dummies go about acting like those people did not go through the pain and suffering, they did suffer, and the holocaust is a fact, not a lie made by Jewish people.

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Leaning says2018-01-13T10:44:53.350
Reasons he would not be.
Minddagger says2018-01-13T18:14:27.127
Who in the world is that guy?
Leaning says2018-01-13T18:17:36.327
He wrote a book titled Night. It recollected his experiences shortly before and during the Holocaust in concentration camps. Of course google would say more.