Was Elliot Rodger a born sociopath, a crazy person (pro), or did he lose his mind along the way (con) ?

Asked by: revic
  • He was a psychopath, not a sociopath

    Elliot Rodgers was a misogynistic psychopath that wadges a "war on love" after years of being rejected. He actually DOES fit nearly all of the traits of a psychopath. Lack of remorse, chronic liar, unable to keep relationships, vindictive, controlled violent behavior, rational/not impulsive, delusional, narcissistic, constantly putting himself in the face of violence and the list goes on. He was a BORN psychopath that developed a hatred of women because women kept rejecting over the years and he had an idea that in order to be socially respected you need to date attractive women. It's entirely clear in his manifesto that he hates women and believed that because many rejected him, all of them would and that they need to be punished for making bad decisions. He planned this for over a month before doing. He waged his war on love for over a year ago. Before the stabbings & shootings, he was assault couples regularly. It's beyond clear that he had anti-social personality disorder and couldn't function properly around people. AllanFrankland seriously has no idea what he is even talking about. You can't use big words and try to pass yourself off as knowing something when you don't. Saying "he was a bit grandiose" when grandiose means "impressive or magnificent in appearance or style, especially pretentiously" makes no sense. He hated women because some rejected and therefore all would reject him, he hated men because women picked them over him and they should be punished too. Being rational and premeditation is actually a trait of a psychopath, but AllanFrankland doesn't know that because he's a fraud. It had very little do to with him being a virgin, it had more to do so with dating and relationships; if he wasn't a psychopathic misogynistic pig that believed he was better than everybody & was "god" then he probably would've got a girlfriend.

  • Obviously mentally ill

    He was on meds and should never have been allowed to live on his own. This alone led to this course of action. There is clearly a big problem in America with mental health when he could get a gun easier than he could get into treatment.

    Plus who kills people because they can't get laid? He was obviously razy, you don't need a psych exam to tell you that much.

  • He took a unique path anyone could have followed

    Elliot might have been born with asperger's syndrome, but that does not make a person commit homicide. He had nobody to talk to, nobody to reason with him during the final months before the killings. That is what caused him to lose his mind, follow his own train of thoughts.

    Elliot did in fact have problems with social interaction, but he tried to get in touch with people. Had the world been more fair to him, and, especially his surroundings, this wouldn't have happened.

  • He isn't a sociopath or has aspergers.

    This belief that he is a sociopath or has aspergers is ridiculous. He fits zero traits for sociopathy (killing is not one of them and neither is jealousy) and he fits no traits that I know of for aspergers, and I've studied abnormal psychology for 4 years now. If anything he was just deluded, not everyone who commits crimes has a personality or neurological disorder, sometimes they're just deluded, or absolutely normal. Sure, he was a bit grandiose, but that's only 1 trait of narcissism, you need 5 to be diagnosed. Most people fit a trait for most disorder, but that doesn't mean you have the disorder. Elliot was a rational, logical and forward thinking person, it was pre-meditated, meaning he understood what he was doing, people who are "crazy" have no understanding of their actions. He's just a kid who bottled up everything, got used to having what he wants and tortured himself mentally and then convinced himself that it's not his fault it's everyone else's, that's a delusion.

  • He was mentally ill

    I'm not too familiar with this case, but I did a quick Google search and came across his youtube page. His recent videos keep talking about why girls don't like him and why life was unfair to him. If I'm reading is correct, he was bullied at school every day. Now, i'm not saying him getting bullied was the only thing that led him to become mentally ill, but it must've been one of the leading causes as to why. I'm almost certain he had some sort of mental illness that triggered him to go on that shooting spree.

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